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The Fallow Mire

The Fallow Mire


The Fallow Mire can be unlocked from the War Table once you have 8 Inquisition Power. It is exactly what it sounds like: a bog in the southern section of Ferelden. As for what you are doing here, well… it seems that some of your men have been captured by Avvar Barbarians, who wish to fight the great "Herald of Andraste". Fame has its price, my friends…


Agents :

  • Sky Watcher -Open and then close the Fade Rift near Sky Watcher. After you defeat the Avvar and free the captured patrol, look outside of the keep to find Sky Watcher. You must recruit him at this point as if you leave the zone he will disappear.

Codex Entries

Codex Location
Letters #74 - Waterlogged Diary Found during the "Cabin Fever" quest.
Notes #19 - Apostate Widris's Journal Found near the third "Beacon in the Dark" beacon. On the ground.
Notes #52 - Notes on the Stars Found north of the third "Beacon in the Dark" beacon. In a campground area on the ground. Another can be found just northwest of the one in the open.
Place #30 - Rivian Found in a house in Fisher's End, by a corpse.
Tales #23 - Before Andrastianism: Forgotten Faiths To the north-west of the initial camp is a house. Search inside to find this letter.
Tales #25 - Caspar the Magnificent To the northwest of the fourth beacon. Follow the path to a house and read the book inside.
Tales #103 - The Lost City of Barindur In a house, south of the third beacon of the area. It is the book on the floor.
The Daughters of Song Near the eastern Fade Rift in a house where Skywatcher is located.
The Lady of the Skies North of the third beacon (at the west end of the mire) you'll find a small island with this book atop a barrel.
Hargrave Keep Behind the locked door in Hargrave Keep.
The Gardner Diary Northwest of the first beacon is a small house. Break the barrels in front of it to gain entry and find this book.
The Empty Ones Northwest of the first beacon is a small house. Break the barrels in front of it to gain entry and find this book.