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The Western Approach

The Western Approach


The Western Approach is desolate and crawling with monsters. The dunes and sand in this area make it possible to see for quite a distance into the open. The Grey Warden fortress of Adamant is found in this area, a defensive structure from the Second Blight. There’s a lot of work to be done in this area and nothing wants you around, it’s time change that.


Agents :

Frederic - Complete a series of quests to recruit him.

Codex Entries

**Codex Entry** **Location**
History #29 - Old Chantry Trail Signs Found while doing the side quest "On the Chantry Trail".
Places #7 - Coracavus Found when doing "The Trouble with Darkspawn" quest.
History #62 - The Secret Tongue of Slaves Found in the lower prison area while doing "The Trouble with Darkspawn" quest. Search all the cells for the scroll.
Tales #15 - A Missing Slave Found when doing "The Trouble with Darkspawn" quest. Past the energized gate, in the left alcove.
Tales #85 - Surviving the Western Approach South of Echoback Fort. Search the left wall of the area (the left cliff wall, facing south) to find a corpse with this note nearby.
History #46 - The First Blight: Chapter Two Found inside a cave after clearing out the first area of poison gas (the cave is on the east edge of the poison area.