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Dragon Age Inquisition
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia, Greg Wright, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth, Lynette James, Greg Wright, Greg Boccia
First Published: 18-12-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:26 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 18-03-2019 / 14:17 GMT

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Main Quests

In Your Heart Shall Burn

Note: The enemies you face in this quest will be different depending on whether you sided with the Templars in Champions of the Just or the Mages during In Hushed Whispers.

**Templar Enemies** **Venatori Enemies**
Red Templar Venatori Gladiator
Red Templar Guard Venatori Marksman
Red Templar Horror Venatori Zealot
Red Templar Marksman Spellbinder
Knight-Templar Denam* Grand Enchanter Fiona*

Sealing the Breach

At the War Table choose this mission, it costs 1 Power. Set up your party and you’ll trigger a cutscene. Make your way to the gates where you’ll meet either Dorian or Cole, whichever you haven’t met yet.

Defending the North Trebuchet

Templars: Waves of Red Templars attack from both sides of the trebuchet. Focus on the Templar Horrors and then the foot soldiers. The second wave comes from the right and has Marksman and Guards. You’ll want to defeat the ranged enemies first but if you can get them grouped up then some area of effects attacks can be devastating. From these first two waves you should find a Rare Weapon and Rare Ring from the dead. The final wave is small and comes from the left; just defeat the horrors.

Mages: You’ll have to contend with Spellbinders, Marksman, and Zealots. Focus on the Spellbinders, they will cast Barrier on the Zealots and that creates problems for quickly defeating them. Take out the Marksman last; it’s not a common strategy but the Zealots can overwhelm. Reinforcements will bring a Gladiator. In this wave focus on the Marksman first then the Zealots. The Gladiator is a hassle and its shield requires the entire party to focus on his weak spot. Next, from the left are more Spellbinders and Zealots – defeat them.

You will be attacked from all sides defending the trebuchets so regularly use tactical cam in order to see enemy positions (left). Supply caches (right) are littered throughout Haven so be on the lookout.

Retake the South Trebuchet

Templars: There are several Red Templar, two Marksman, and a Guard defending this trebuchet. Focus on the Marksman to quickly take them out and move the Guard away. More enemies come from behind trying to retake the weapon and you’ll need to fend them off like the first go around. There are two Horrors, two Red Templars and one Marksman in this wave. Defeat them and crank the trebuchet to fire, causing an avalanche to wipe out most of the forces. Don’t start the celebration as a dragon emerges to destroy the trebuchet. Use the Supply Cache to replenish potions then head back to Haven.

Mages: Head up to the southern trebuchet to find two Marksman, several Zealots, and a Gladiator. Like usual, focus on the ranged attackers to quickly take them out then begin to whittle down the Zealots. Reinforcements include two Spellbinders for you to deal with and they come from the hill behind the trebuchet like an ambush. Once you take them out crank the trebuchet to trigger an avalanche.

Evacuate Haven

Note: For each person you save you will receive 128 Experience and 80 Influence. There are seven in total.

Make your way back towards Haven. On your way you’ll find Harritt; help him out with a Warrior then loot the blacksmith area before going inside the gates. Turn right as you enter to find Lysette being attacked; defeat the Red Templars here to save her. Go up the staircase now to find more Red Templars accompanied by a Horror. Break the door to your left to save Seggrit then loot the chest for the Masterwork Hilted One-Handed Shaft . Head to the tavern where you’ll find three Red Templars and a Horror. Defeat them then enter and rescue Flissa.

Quickly run up to the apothecary area to save Adan and Minaeve. You really need to be quick because the nearby flames will trigger an explosion shortly. Approach the Chantry entrance to find Threnn battling more enemies – four Red Templars. Help her out then enter the Chantry now to trigger a scene.

Retake the Trebuchet

There is a certain sense of urgency at this point but you can slowly progress down the path to the final trebuchet. The packs of enemies are small until the final one at the trebuchet. As you turn the crank, Red Templars or Venatori will appear to impede your progress. Aim it little by little, stopping to take out enemies as needed, until it reaches about 50% where you’ll be forced to battle a boss depending on who you sided with. If you sided with the Mages you’ll fight Knight-Templar Denam, if you sided with the Templars you’ll fight Grand Enchanter Fiona.

There will be groups of Templars or Venatori around Haven attacking the people (left). Keep turning the trebuchet as far as you can before the next wave arrives (right).

BOSS - Knight-Templar Denam

**Name** **Stats**
Health 11840
Defense 46
Resistance Fire
Vulnerable Cold
Immunity All Physical Effects, Fear, Asleep, Paralyzed

The Knight-Templar is weak to Cold so a Mage with an Ice staff is useful, especially with Energy Barrage. You want to move this monster away from your ranged companions and take down the weaker Templars first. Watch out for the walls of red lyrium that Denam can create as it could separate the group or box you in. The wall can be destroyed, but it’s simpler to not get caught in it. Defeating the Behemoth will destroy the rest of the attacking Templars. You can also win this fight by cranking the trebuchet fully. It may be easier to lead them all on a wild goose chase around Haven instead of staying in the area where the Trebuchet is. That will give you a chance to use choke points to funnel enemies and focus attacks, and the chance to run away if things get too heated.

Loot : Rare Accessory

BOSS - Fiona

**Name** **Stats**
Health 13406
Defense 18
Resistance Electricity
Vulnerable Non
Immunity Asleep, Paralyzed

Fiona has been completely brainwashed and leads the Venatori against the Inquisition. She can dish out some heavy damage but she takes a lot in the form of physical attacks. Stay away from Electric attacks and instead use Fire and Ice to freeze her (Winter’s Grasp works very well). Freezing her then combo with Shatter to deal massive damage and take her out. You can always just turn the trebuchet completely but that’s probably more difficult.

The Dawn Will Come

You are alone, but not dead. Move forward to obtain " Mark of the Rift " ability then use it to defeat the Wraiths. Head outside and continue the trek through the blizzard until you are found by Cullen and Cassandra. The story opens up at this point and you understand much more after a few scenes. The Inquisition marches to Skyhold and you are no longer the Herald of Andraste, but the Inquisitor.


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