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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Guide

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Ballymolloy Scenario

The Tower

The tower is located to the east of the village, but you will need to go north and around a mountain in order to reach it. Before delving into the tower, check the area just outside of it on the overworld to find a chest with 120 gold coins in it. When you go "in" the tower, there are stairs on the outside leading to another entrance, which is blocked by a Golem. Ignore it for now and go through the bottom set of doors. Going up the eastern set of stairs will reveal a small room with a vase that contains a Medicinal Herb , while the other set of stairs has a vase with 20 gold coins . That’s all you can do here, so go outside and confront the Golem to trigger a boss fight.

BOSS - Golem

The fight against the Golem is a fairly straightforward and simple battle, as it will only use a physical attack throughout the entire thing. At level 5, this should do around 11-12 damage on your characters, maybe a little more depending if you haven’t upgraded defensive equipment. With Hanlon in your party, he will be a huge help in defeating the Golem, although there are turns where he’ll "access the situation" and do nothing. The fight basically boils down to using Flame Slash with Kiefer, Frizz with Maribel and attacking with the Hero whenever a party member doesn’t need healing.

The Golem only has a physical attack (left). Hanlon's Sap will reduce the defense of enemies (right).

You will receive a Green Fragment from the Golem’s rocky corpse and can enter the top portion of The Tower. However, it’s a good idea to return to Ballymolloy to refill your HP and MP, as well as purchase any new equipment you might be able to afford (too bad the vendor isn’t generous enough to offer free stuff like the innkeeper). When you feel you are ready to go, head back to The Tower and enter the door that the Golem was blocking earlier.

The first two screens here have nothing in them, so just take the stairs in each to the next area. In this third area, there will be a chest at the northern end, which contains a Bronze Knife (equip to Maribel), as well as a Red Fragment laying on the ground next to it. You should see two stairs nearby, one in the northwest corner and another in the northeast corner. Take the northeastern ones to eventually arrive in a small room with a chest ( Leather Shield ) and a pot ( 5 gold coins ).

Return to that previous room and take the other stairs, following the path until you come to a big room with multiple paths. Of course, there’s nothing here, so just head straight to the stairs to get to the next floor. You will find two chests here, containing a Seed of Resilience and 80 gold coins . Taking the stairs here will lead to a room with the next boss.

BOSS - Crabble-rouser

Welcome to the first annoying boss of the game, not because of his damage, but because he can defend, mitigating a lot of the damage you can do to him. Since you never know when he will do this, you will have to take a chance to use skills like Maribel’s Frizz. Other moves that Crabble-rouser can perform are a physical attack that deals around 15 damage, as well as Frizz, which does a little bit less than his physical attack. As before, keep your health up with Hero’s Heal, as well as with Medicinal Herbs. With Hanlon’s own physical attacks and Sap (reduces defense), the boss will hopefully go down in no time.

When Crabble-rouser steels itself (left), all of your attacks will deal very low damage (right).

Well, something bad happens and the real culprit behind everything that’s been going is revealed. This will lead into another boss fight, against Maeve!

BOSS - Maeve

Luckily, you are completely healed after the last battle, so you can start fresh with Maeve. The thing is that it seems that Maeve doesn’t really do anything besides defend and waste her turn by accessing the situation. So, just pound on her all you want until you defeat her. Likewise, you can use the Wooden Doll item to end the battle right away.

Some more plot happens and the land around Ballymolloy is free from the darkened skies. Exit the tower and return to the village, talking to Patrick in front of his house. After some scenes, Hanlon will leave your party and you can check out the forest once more, where you will find Patrick by the gravestones and can give him the Wooden Doll if you want. Return to where you first dropped into this area to spot a portal that will bring you back to your era.

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