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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Guide

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Emberdale Scenario

Emberdale (Present)

You are finished with Emberdale in the past, so take the portal on the overworld to return to the present era. As Kiefer says, you should probably go back to the castle to see if any new islands have appeared. Unfortunately, you have to run back on your own, as Zoom doesn’t work. Once you get there, go and talk to King Donald. Despite your heroic efforts of restoring the lost islands, it appears both Kiefer and Maribel aren’t allowed to continue their adventures anymore. Your dad doesn’t mind, so once he’s done talking, head upstairs and go to bed.

As you step outside of your house in the new morning, Maribel rejoins and you’ll be at the Shoreside Shrine. Since you can’t move the stone in the way, exit to have Kiefer make his grand reappearance. Go back in the shrine, board your ship and set sail to the new island to the north. It’ll be a little while before you get there, so expect a few battles along the way. In the main village on the island, there isn’t a tablet fragment, but there is a short sidequest you will want to do that will reward you with something nice.

There is a boy in the northeast corner of the village that is missing his blue button. He mentions that the only way to find it is to ask Palmela for a prediction, so head to the item shop and pay her 5 coins to have her mention the sign in front of the inn. Check the sign and you’ll receive the blue button, so take it back to the boy, who will hand over a Mini Medal (#2) . There are also new items to be had from the item shop, should you have the money for it.

Talk to the boy in the NE corner to start a sidequest (left). You can find his blue button on the sign in front of the inn (right).

It’s time to loot the place, so check the pot in the bottom right corner of the village for an Antidotal Herb , as well as the one in the northwest corner for a Magic Water . If you go in the well, you will find a hot spa down there, as well as some Boxer Shorts in one of the drawers. The southern of the two houses on the east side has another Antidotal Herb in the pot there. In the big house, there will be 7 gold coins in the barrel on the first floor, and some Rags in one of the drawers on the second floor.

That’s about all you can do here in Emberdale, so it’s time to head on over to Burnmont to see what’s there. The first thing you will notice is that there’s a fragment, as well as a portal in the entrance area, which will take you back to the Shrine of Mysteries (one of those side doors that was locked with a mysterious power). Note that all of the enemies inside of the volcano are the same, and all of the chests are located in the same spot, although they will have different contents.

So, from the main entrance with the crater, go south through the door and down the stairs, then north to the next set of stairs. There’s nothing to the south at the split, so continue north and follow this path to the spiraling room, where you’ll find 80 gold coins and a Medicinal Herb in the two chests located throughout. Keep following the stairs and you’ll find the exit that leads to the ledge, containing a chest that has a whopping 350 gold coins in it.

You’ll eventually reach the craters, so drop down to where the healing circle is and grab the two chests there ( 60 gold coins and an Antidotal Herb ), then go back and to the bottom. Drop through the hole in the former boss’ room and you’ll spot a Green Fragment on the ground. Pick it up and you can finally leave Burnmont. There isn’t anything else to do in Emberdale, but before leaving the island for good, return to where the portal to the Shrine of Mysteries was in the past (on the actual island) to find a chest with 420 gold coins in it.

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