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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 16-06-2019 / 01:17 GMT

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Guide

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Greenthumb Scenario

Threes Company

Back once again at the Shrine of Mysteries, choose the red pillar, opting to put the fragments in the biggest pedestal, to transport you to a new land. Head to the town of Greenthumb Gardens first and it appears all of its residents have been turned to stone. Find the biggest house in town and enter through the double doors, then make your way to the very top of the building from the inside. It’s time for a boss!

BOSS - Rainiac

Don’t let the enemy sprite fool you, as this boss can certainly dish out some damage. Its normal physical attack deals around 15-20 damage to one character, while it can do a cool breath skill that deals around the same to all party members. As with the normal Tongue Fu Fighters, Rainiac can lick a party member, causing that character to lose a turn. Rainiac gets two actions per turn, so you will want to be careful and heal properly.

Maribel should open up the battle by using Sap twice to allow the others to do the maximum amount of damage they can do, then follow up with her own physical attacks or delegate to healing duty. The Hero should switch between normal physical attacks and healing when necessary. Ruff can really do nothing but attack, while Kiefer can use Focus Strength before attacking to do the maximum amount of damage.

Rainiac's frosty breath can hit all of your characters (left). Kiefer's Focus Strength can really output a lot of damage (right).

After the battle is over, approach the edge of the roof and sprinkle the Angel’s Tears to cure everyone in the village. As you go down the stairs, you will encounter a short scene with someone worried about his fiancee, but there’s no time to worry about that for now, as there’s loot to be had. Enter the first bedroom, where you might see a chest (it’s locked) and check one of the cupboards for a Garish Garb , a very nice defensive improvement over your current gear.

On the first floor, there is a small room off of the kitchen that has two barrels; one of those barrels contains 25 gold coins . Head through the back door of the item shop to find a chest, which has a Mini Medal (#12) . The house to the left of the item shop will have some Bunny Ears in one of the cupboards on the second floor, and the house just north of that one will have a pot with 3 gold coins . Lastly, you will find some Wayfarer’s Clothes in the cupboard on the second floor of the inn.

You might have seen a few events as you were exploring the town, one of which happened at Burdock’s house after coming downstairs from defeating Rainiac and another after exiting his house. This should put a bunch of people at the entrance to the garden. If you head to the north end of the town, you will see a door there by the well, with someone blocking it. Speak to him to make him go charging into the garden, then enter the building there to find a Hardwood Headwear in the cupboard in the basement (that’s all of the items now).

Head into the garden now and speak with Dill to initiate a scene, then go to Burdock’s house to watch another scene. Talk to Burdock before going upstairs to eavesdrop outside of the western room. Go to the second floor of the item shop for another scene and as you leave the place, you will see Lavender run off somewhere. She will be going to the house in the garden area, so enter it and then talk to Carraway’s father to learn that someone in the pub knows of the the medicine needed to cure his boy. This pub is located through the back door of the inn and down the stairs, with the big guy on stage mentioning Palmela.

The pub can be found by going through the back entrance of the inn.

So, you will need to return to the Shrine of Mysteries to travel to Emberdale in the past. Palmela will be in the big house, so speak with her there and then back at the item shop to get the medicine you need. Return to Greenthumb Gardens via the Shrine of Mysteries and give the medicine to Carraway, then it’s time to party! Speak with Burdock in the garden (he’s at the table to the north), then go looking for Carraway in the northwestern section of the town.

Speak with Burdock once more and it’ll start raining, sending everyone into a panic because of the previous experience of the stone-inducing rain. Head to the northwest section of the town again to view another scene, then go to the southern entrance of the town to find Carraway, who decides to leave on his own. That’s about all of the story that happens for this era, so it’s time to tackle the dungeon that you can find here, which has no relevance on the story, Grody Grotto.

Note that all of the services in the town are available, although the only one worth checking out is the armory. Not only is there some nice, new equipment available for your characters, one of the options is a new boomerang for the Hero and Ruff, so you should definitely upgrade those if you can afford the steep 2300G price. If you haven’t done so by now, there is no reason to hold on to old equipment, so sell it all to try and afford some of the new stuff.

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