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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
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Grondal Scenario

Being the Demon King

Pick the southwestern yellow pillar to be teleported to a new land. Enter the first area you come across to see that it is an inn. There’s no items to be found here, so feel free to talk with everyone, including the priest in the one room, who functions as a church. When you’re finished, exit and head to the town of Grondal nearby. When you enter the village, you will notice that there’s a strange purple mist covering the place.

Either they're playing a game or something very strange is going on in this village.

Enter the first house you see and break the barrel by the entrance for 3 gold coins . If you go into the small house to the east of the inn, the guy inside will start going crazy as you try to leave. The house north of that one has some Plain Clothes in the drawer and while the priest/nun in the church are not in their right minds, you can still save by using the book on the table. The big house in the northwest is the mayor’s house and he will say that something strange is going on with the people in the town. One of the pots by his bed contains a Mini Medal (#37) , and the drawer in the house has a Leather Hat .

As you try to leave the mayor’s house, he stops and asks you to do a favor. Apparently, there is some girl living at the base of the large tree to the north of the village and the mayor wants you to tell her not to come near the village. Talk to the hooded figure before leaving, then exit the village. Before you go into the tree area, you’ll find a chest containing a Magic Water in the northwest corner of the overworld.

Now, enter the tree area and go into the hut to find the strange girl sleeping on the bed. If you try to talk to her, you realize that she is in a deep sleep and won’t wake up, so you decide to go back to the mayor. As you re-enter the village, the people that were talking to the hooded figure from before push you out of the way to hurry to the tree. Talking to the mayor doesn’t yield anything new, but you will be returning to the tree to witness the people from before bashing on it. Once everything is said and done, you will get into a fight with the hooded figure.

BOSS - The Stranger

The Stranger is a bit strong, can attack twice per turn and does know only two attacks, from the looks of things. His normal physical attack does around 20-25 damage, while the attack where he throws his lamp does about the same. Luckily, he doesn’t have a lot of health, but using Sap will make the battle go much quicker. Considering his abilities are limited to physical attacks, use Buff to increase the less defensive-oriented’s defenses, and keep their health up.

After everyone runs off after the battle, check up on the girl and carry her back to the hut. Once your party rests, speak with the girl again and she’ll ask you to collect some dew from the tree’s leaves by using the Pixie Pitcher by the pots. Pick up the pitcher and go outside to notice some drops falling to the ground, so interact where it drops to collect some Dew of Life. Bring it back to the girl, who asks you to try and use the dew to cure the villagers.

Return to Grondal and try to offer the Dew of Life to some of the people (use it as an item when standing next to them), only for them to reject it. Ignore everyone else and give the Dew of Life to the mayor in his house, who will be cured. He asks you to pour the rest of the Dew of Life into the well, so try to use it when standing next to the well. There’s a spot right next to the hooded figure, but he will put a stop to your meddling, saying that you are trying to poison the townspeople.

Use the Dew of Life as an item to try and offer it to the villagers, although they won't be very gracious enough to accept your offer.

With all of the villagers surrounding the well, you’ll have to find another way to get the Dew into the water supply. Return to the mayor and he will mention the well is connected to the area’s underground waterways. Go back to the Ygg tree and talk to the girl there, who will open up a path leading to the underground waterways. Enter the hole to find yourself in the next dungeon.

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