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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:26 GMT
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Hubble Scenario

Hubble (Present)

Land on the continent where Hubble is located and you’ll find a chest on the western end ( Dieamend ). Enter the town of Hubble and look for a barrel/pot combo next to the building that’s north of the inn; the barrel has a Mini Medal (#67) in it. Go inside of the inn to find a Silk Robe in one of the drawers, then go upstairs of the big house in the northeast to find a Pointy Hat in one of the cupboards. Check the well next to the house to fight a Well Wisher, then go into it to find another Mini Medal (#68) in one of the drawers.

Make your way to the castle now and enter the Water Tower, where you’ll see two chests on the ground floor; the left is empty and the right one is actually a Mimic. Upstairs, you’ll find the same puzzle as in the past. Solve it and open the chest to obtain a Party Dress . The only other tower that has anything of value is the Wind Tower, where you’ll find a locked chest (Magic Key) on the bottom floor, containing a Seed of Resilience . Before you leave Hubble Castle, head to the throne room and speak with Queen Euphonia for a quick scene that will set some things in motion for later.

Now that you’ve done that, make your way to the south, entering the Grand Conjuratorium. Solve the same puzzle as in the past to make a bridge that leads to the staircase, then use them to find a Green Fragment and a chest ( Mini Medal #69 ). One of the pots amongst the gravestones has a Seed of Magic and now that Aishe is in your party, you can inspect the big tombstone to learn the Great Leveller spell . With that in your possession, return to past Hubble and speak with the Wizz to show off your new spell. This will allow you to return to Hubble in the present to get a more powerful version from the Wizz’s tombstone, the Greater Leveller !

With Aishe in your party, you can grab two new spells for the Hero, the Great Leveller (left) and the Greater Leveller (right).

Note that despite Aishe having two vocations leveled, one of them mastered and the other only level 3, she isn’t actually in one, so head on over to Alltrades and make sure you get her one. Also, you likely have much better equipment than what she has equipped. Aishe might not be on the level where Maribel was, but she does a decent job of filling in the void for a fourth party member.

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