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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

Recipe Books - Accessories

Jarrod Garripoli

You will find the locations of all Recipe Books that contain accessories on this page. They are listed in the order in which you will probably find them during the main story.

Twenty-Four Carats of Class

Result Stars Ingredients
Gold Ring 1 Gold Ore (x2)

So You Want to Be a Witch

Result Stars Ingredients
Lamp Post 1 Beast Bone, Lamplight
Wizard’s Staff 1 Pink Pine, Warmaline, Lamplight
Tricky Turban 1 Cottontop (x2), Duneberry, Narspicious
Fizzle-Retardant Blouse 1 Cottontop, Narspicious, Oasis Water
Enchantress’s Gloves 1 Cottontop, Duneberry, Butterfly Wing

Filigree for Fun and Profit

  • Found on bookshelf in the church in Gondolia
Result Stars Ingredients
Gold Platter 1 Gold Ore, Copper Ore
Gold Chain 1 Gold Ore (x2), Flaxen Thread
Gold Bracer 1 Gold Ore, Copper Ore

Rings Around the World

Result Stars Ingredients
Strength Ring 1.5 Gold Ore (x2), Red Eye, Finessence
Agility Ring 1.5 Gold Ore (x2), Green Eye, Flurry Feather
Prayer Ring 1.5 Gold Ore (x2), Blue Eye, Magic Water

The Dapper Chap

Result Stars Ingredients
Dapper Doublet 2 Silkblossom (x2), Magic Beast Hide, Green Eye
Natty Cravat 2 Silkblossom, Glimmergrass, Celestial Skein

Your Crafting Career Starts Here

Result Stars Ingredients
Jolly Brolly 1.5 Witherwood (x2), Waveweed, Sparkly Sap
Coral Hairpin 1.5 Crimson Coral, Maiden’s Favour
Utility Belt 1.5 Hardy Hide (x2), Celestial Skein, Grubby Bandage

Down the Rabbithole

Result Stars Ingredients
Bunny Ears 1.5 Cottontop, Fine Fur
Bunny Suit 2 Narspicious, Butterfly Wing (x2), Green Eye
Fishnet Stockings 1 Faerie Fluff

My First Pearly Pieces

  • On a bookshelf in the armor shop in Lonalulu
Result Stars Ingredients
Pink Pearl Ring 1.5 Silver Ore, Pink Pearl
Rosary 1.5 Pale Pearl, Fresh Water (x3), Thinkincense

Next-Level Neckwear

Result Stars Ingredients
Care Riviere 1.5 Silver Ore, Belle Cap, Pitch Pearl
Choker of Riddance 1.5 Magic Beast Hide, Holy Water, Red Eye
Dogged Collar 1.5 Dragon Hide, Finessence, Blue Eye
Full Moon Collar 1.5 Magic Beast Hide, Moonwort Bulb, Yellow Eye
Necklace of Immunity 1.5 Gold Ore, Antidotal Herb, Purple Eye
Papillon Pendant 1.5 Gold Ore (x2), Faerie Fluff, Enchanted Stone
Protective Pendant 1.5 Mirrorstone, Buzzberries, Purple Eye
Rousing Rose Collar 1.5 Copper Ore (x2), Wakerobin, Red Eye
Star of Clarity 1.5 Silver Ore, Angel Bell, Lucida Shard
Torc of Truth 1.5 Silver Ore, Fresh Water, Purple Eye

Fine and Dandy Designs

Result Stars Ingredients
Smart Suit 2 Glimmergrass (x3), Evencloth, Cherry Blossom Petal
Posh Waistcoat 2 Silkblossom (x2), Magic Beast Hide, Green Eye
Bling-Bling Belt 1 Magic Beast Hide (x2), Silver Ore, Sparkly Sap

Knick-Knacks for Nifty Nickers

Result Stars Ingredients
Bloodletter 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Dragon Horn, Red Eye
Swordbreaker 2 Silver Ore (x2), Gold Ore (x2), Twisted Talons (x2)
Thief’s Turban 1.5 Evencloth, Narspicious, Pitch Pearl
Robber Gloves 1 Magic Beast Hide (x2), Slipweed, Kitty Litter
Gloomy Gloves 2 Magic Beast Hide, Evencloth

Divine Designs

  • In a chest behind the Magic Key door in Gondolia
Result Stars Ingredients
Seraphic Sceptre 2 Pink Pine (x2), Angel Bell (x3), Yellow Eye
Angel’s Sandals 2 Celestial Skein (x2), Angel Bell (x3), Flurry Feather (x2)

An Anthology of Elemental Earrings

Result Stars Ingredients
Aerofoil Earrings 2 Platinum Ore, Green Eye
Anti-Freeze Earrings 2 Platinum Ore, Blue Eye
Asbestos Earrings 2 Platinum Ore, Red Eye
Concrete Earrings 2 Platinum Ore, Yellow Eye
Mirror Earrings 2 Platinum Ore, Lucida Shard
Rubber Earrings 2 Platinum Ore, Purple Eye

The Devil’s in the Details

  • Found on a bookshelf in Jasper’s Quarters on the bottom floor of Heliodor Castle
Result Stars Ingredients
Demonsbane 2 Platinum Ore (x3), Saint’s Ashes (x2)
Demon Spear 2.5 Platinum Ore (x2), Fatalistick (x2), Blue Eye
Demon’s Whip 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Grubby Bandage (x3), Purple Eye (x2)
Devil’s Tail 2 Grubby Bandage, Fatalistick (x2)

Little Lifesavers

  • In a chest in the Queen’s Bedchamber on the middle floor of Heliodor Castle
Result Stars Ingredients
Care Ring 2 Gold Ore (x2), Blue Eye, Fresh Water
Full Moon Ring 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Lunaria (x3), Coagulant
Ring of Clarity 2 Silver Ore (x2), Angel Bell (x3), Mystifying Mixture
Ring of Immunity 2 Snakeskine (x2), Special Antidote (x3), Coagulant (x3)
Ring of Riddance 2 Silver Ore (x2), Red Eye, Holy Water
Ring of Truth 2 Silver Ore (x2), Panacea (x3), Kitty Litter
Rousing Ring 2 Gold Ore (x2), Wakerobin (x3), Sleeping Hibiscus
Sorcerer’s Ring 2 Gold Ore (x2), Saint’s Ashes
Sorcerer’s Stone 2 Gold Ore (x2), Sparkly Sap, Equable Emerald

Footwear of the Rich and Famous

  • In a chest on Cobblestone Tor; At end of path that was previously flooded
Result Stars Ingredients
Archangel’s Boots 3 Lambswool (x3), Sainted Soma, Flurry Feather (x2)
Caligae of Clarity 3 Magic Beast Hide (x3), Chronocrystal, Dieamend (x3)
Springheal Boots 3 Densinium (x3), Sainted Soma, Dieamend (x3)

Fine Fashions for Philosophers

Result Stars Ingredients
Sage’s Staff 2.5 Fatalistick (x2), Thinkincense (x3), Fresh Water (x3), Yellow Eye (x3)
Scholar’s Cap 2.5 Glimmergrass (x3), Blue Eye, Celestial Skein (x2)
Thinking Cap 2.5 Gold Ore (x3), Platinum Ore (x2), Equable Emerald (x2), Thinkincense (x2)
Guru’s Gloves 2.5 Dragon Hide (x2), Thinkincense, Sage’s Elixir

An Earring for Every Element

Result Stars Ingredients
All-Weather Earrings 3 Gold Nuglet, Savvy Sapphire, Equable Emerald, Glass Frit
Blackout Earrings 3 Gold Nuglet, Artful Amethyst, Lucida Shard, Glass Frit
Cinderblock Earrings 3 Gold Nuglet, Royal Ruby, Sunny Citrine, Glass Frit

An Encyclopaedia of Expert Equipment

Result Stars Ingredients
Ogre Shield 3 Densinium (x3), Magic Beast Hide (x2), Equable Emerald, Purple Eye (x2)
Brigand’s Mitts 3 Magic Beast Hide (x2), Lambswool, Big Bone
Titan Belt 3 Finessence (x2), Dragon Horn, Dragon Hide

Brace Yourself

Result Stars Ingredients
Life Bracer 3 Gold Nuglet (x2), Dieamend (x2), Superior Medicine (x3)
Mighty Armlet 3 Mythril Ore (x2), Royal Ruby (x2), Finessence (x2)
Brainy Bracer 3 Platinum Ore (x2), Savvy Sapphire (x2), Ethereal Stone, Royal Soil
Spirit Bracer 3 Mythril Ore (x2), Savvy Sapphire (x2), Magic Water (x2), Faerie Fluff (x2)
Wristorative 3 Gold Nuglet (x2), Dracolyte (x2), Superior Medicine (x3)

General Directives

Result Stars Ingredients
General’s Jacket 3.5 Technicolour Dreamcloth (x2), Evencloth (x2), Pitch Pearl (x2), Finessence
General’s Jackboots 3.5 Dragon Hide (x2), Gold Nuglet, Saint’s Ashes, Evencloth (x2)

Good Godly Gear

Result Stars Ingredients
Sacrosanct Staff 3 Avabranche (x3), Sainted Soma, Royal Soil (x3), Sparkly Sap (x2)
Venus’ Tear 3 Savvy Sapphire (x2), Glass Frit (x3), Pitch Pearl, Rippledrops (x2)

Field Manual

Result Stars Ingredients
Field Marshal’s Finery 4 Serpent Skin (x2), Wing of Bat (x2), Night Stick (x2), Finessence (x2)
Field Marshal’s Footwear 4 Serpent Skin (x2), Gold Nuglet (x2), Sainted Soma, Grubby Bandage (x2)

Circles of Life

Result Stars Ingredients
Life Ring 4 Mythril Ore (x2), Dieamend (x3), Pink Pearl, Sainted Soma
Skull Ring 4 Mythril Ore (x2), Night Stick (x2), Extra Mural (x2), Serpent’s Soul

Sage Advice

Result Stars Ingredients
Supreme Sage’s Staff 4 Wyrmwood (x3), Spellbound Bough (x2), Sage’s Elixir, Thinkincense (x2)
Scholar’s Specs 4 Gold Ore (x2), Thinkincense (x3), Glass Frit (x2), Mirrorstone
Minister’s Mitts 4 Thinkincense (x3), Serpent Skin (x2), Sage’s Elixir, Fine Fur (x2)
Ruby of Protection 4 Artful Amethyst (x2), Serpent Skin, Large Scale (x2), Pale Pearl

Upper-Class Accessories

Result Stars Ingredients
Monarch’s Mittens 4.5 Silkblossom (x3), Narspicious (x2), Lambswool (x2), Pale Pearl (x2)
Elfin Charm 5 Orichalcum (x2), Dieamend (x3), Holy Water (x3), Elfin Elixir

Dress to Impress

  • Speak to Golden Boy in Octagonia after completing the event there in Act 3; He is on the stage in casino area, dancing
Result Stars Ingredients
Dashing Doublet 4 Technicolour Dreamcloth (x2), Serpent Skin (x2), Equable Emerald (x2), Spectralite
Suave Scarf 4 Colourful Cocoon (x2), Buzzberries (x2), Royal Ruby (x2), Sparkly Sap (x2)

Badges of Honour

Result Stars Ingredients
Sovereign Seal 4 Gold Nuglet (x2), Sun-Bleached Seashell (x2), Artful Amethyst (x2)
Monarchic Mark 4 Gold Nuglet (x2), Pale Pearl (x2), Savvy Sapphire (x2)

Kings of the Rings

Result Stars Ingredients
Catholicon Ring 5 Gold Bar, Perfect Panacea (x3), Royal Ruby (x3), Red Wood (x3)
Goddess Ring 5 Dracolyte (x2), Sainted Soma, Dieamend (x3), Spectralite

The Fandom of the Opera

Result Stars Ingredients
Phantom Mask 4 Platinum Ore (x2), Butterfly Wing (x2), Evencloth (x3), Slipweed (x3), Spectralite
Dark Robe 4.5 Faerie Fluff (x3), Lambswool (x3), Evencloth (x3), Slipweed (x3), Black Tear
Murky Mittens 4 Magic Beast Hide (x2), Evencloth (x3), Sunny Citrine, Night Stick (x3), Softwort

Get Your Drag On

Result Stars Ingredients
Earthwyrm’s Eye 4 Serpent’s Soul, Saint’s Ashes, Dracolyte
Lucky Dragon’s Wing 3 Dracolyte (x2), Saint’s Ashes, Serpent Skin (x2), Serpent Bone (x2)

Orichalcum: Ore Blimey

Result Stars Ingredients
Legate’s Blade 4 Densinium (x2), Orichalcum, Goobricant (x3), Black Tear
Orichalcum Claws 4 Orichalcum (x2), Lamplight (x3), Crimsonite (x2), Serpent Bone
Meteorite Bracer 5 Lucida Shard (x3), Orichalcum, Slipweed (x3), Savvy Sapphire (x4), Gold Bar


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