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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

Recipe Books - Armor

Jarrod Garripoli

You will find the locations of all Recipe Books that contain armor on this page. They are listed in the order in which you will probably find them during the main story.

Economy of the Scales

Result Stars Ingredients
Scale Shield .5 Copper Ore, Small Scale
Scale Armour .5 Copper Ore (x2), Small Scale (x2)

’O Holy Knight

  • Found inside the church in Cobblestone after The Manglegrove
Result Stars Ingredients
Templar’s Uniform .5 Cottontop (x2), Buzzberries

Put a Feather in Your Cap

  • Found in a chest in the Kingsbarrow, which requires the Mounted Eggoskeleton
Result Stars Ingredients
Feathered Cap 1 Hardy Hide, Flurry Feather

An Introduction to Armor

  • Found in a chest behind the inn in Hotto
Result Stars Ingredients
Bronze Armour 1 Copper Ore (x3), Flaxen Thread (x2), Warmaline

So You Want to Be a Witch

Result Stars Ingredients
Lamp Post 1 Beast Bone, Lamplight
Wizard’s Staff 1 Pink Pine, Warmaline, Lamplight
Tricky Turban 1 Cottontop (x2), Duneberry, Narspicious
Fizzle-Retardant Blouse 1 Cottontop, Narspicious, Oasis Water
Enchantress’s Gloves 1 Cottontop, Duneberry, Butterfly Wing

Furry Finery

Result Stars Ingredients
Fur Hood 1.5 Magic Beast Hide, Fine Fur
Fur Poncho 1.5 Magic Beast Hide (x2)

I Love Iron Armor

Result Stars Ingredients
Iron Helmet 1 Iron Ore (x2), Glass Frit (x2)
Iron Cuirass 1 Iron Ore (x3), Glass Frit, Celestial Skein
Iron Armour 1 Iron Ore (x3), Glass Frit, Beast Bone

Filigree for Fun and Profit

  • Found on bookshelf in the church in Gondolia
Result Stars Ingredients
Gold Platter 1 Gold Ore, Copper Ore
Gold Chain 1 Gold Ore (x2), Flaxen Thread
Gold Bracer 1 Gold Ore, Copper Ore

Smithing with Steel

Result Stars Ingredients
Steel Broadsword 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Iron Ore, Blue Eye
Soarin’ Steel 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Iron Ore (x2), Big Bone (x2)
Steel Shield 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Iron Ore, Glass Frit (x2)
Steel Helmet 1.5 Silver Ore (x3), Iron Ore (x2), Royal Soil (x2)
Full Plate Armour 1.5 Silver Ore (x3), Iron Ore, Tiny Tortoise Shell (x2)

Building Butterfly Bric-a-Brac

Result Stars Ingredients
Batterfly Knife 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Coagulant, Butterfly Wing
Malleable Mask 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Butterfly Wing (x2), Narspicious

Dress Like a Drasilian

Result Stars Ingredients
Drasilian Helm 2 Platinum Ore, Gold Ore, Glass Frit (x2)
Drasilian Armour 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Gold Ore (x2), Celestial Skein

The Dapper Chap

Result Stars Ingredients
Dapper Doublet 2 Silkblossom (x2), Magic Beast Hide, Green Eye
Natty Cravat 2 Silkblossom, Glimmergrass, Celestial Skein

Your Crafting Career Starts Here

Result Stars Ingredients
Jolly Brolly 1.5 Witherwood (x2), Waveweed, Sparkly Sap
Coral Hairpin 1.5 Crimson Coral, Maiden’s Favour
Utility Belt 1.5 Hardy Hide (x2), Celestial Skein, Grubby Bandage

All Things Nice

  • Speak to the man wearing red clothing at the entrance of Puerto Valor
Result Stars Ingredients
Cute Cap 1.5 Faerie Fluff (x2), Cottontop
Bonny Band 1.5 Faerie Fluff (x2), Buzzberries
Pretty Pinny 1.5 Waveweed (x2), Faerie Fluff
Dainty Dress 1.5 Waveweed (x2), Crimson Coral

Down the Rabbithole

Result Stars Ingredients
Bunny Ears 1.5 Cottontop, Fine Fur
Bunny Suit 2 Narspicious, Butterfly Wing (x2), Green Eye
Fishnet Stockings 1 Faerie Fluff

Crafting Comforting Clothing

Result Stars Ingredients
Robe of Serenity 1.5 Faerie Fluff, Fresh Water, Purple Eye

Fine and Dandy Designs

Result Stars Ingredients
Smart Suit 2 Glimmergrass (x3), Evencloth, Cherry Blossom Petal
Posh Waistcoat 2 Silkblossom (x2), Magic Beast Hide, Green Eye
Bling-Bling Belt 1 Magic Beast Hide (x2), Silver Ore, Sparkly Sap

Kit Fit for a King

Result Stars Ingredients
Crown of Dundrasil 2 Gold Ore (x3), Platinum Ore, Red Eye
Drasilian Dress Coat 2 Silkblossom (x2), Magic Beast Hide, Green Eye

Knick-Knacks for Nifty Nickers

Result Stars Ingredients
Bloodletter 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Dragon Horn, Red Eye
Swordbreaker 2 Silver Ore (x2), Gold Ore (x2), Twisted Talons (x2)
Thief’s Turban 1.5 Evencloth, Narspicious, Pitch Pearl
Robber Gloves 1 Magic Beast Hide (x2), Slipweed, Kitty Litter
Gloomy Gloves 2 Magic Beast Hide, Evencloth

Secret of the Silversmiths

  • In a chest behind the Magic Key door in Phnom Nonh
Result Stars Ingredients
Silver Tiara 2 Silver Ore (x2), Sparkly Sap
Silver Cuirass 2 Silver Ore (x2), Glass Frit (x2), Yellow Eye
Silver Mail 2 Silver Ore (x3), Royal Soil (x2), Yellow Eye

Making the Magic Happen

  • In a chest behind the Magic Key door in Gallopolis
Result Stars Ingredients
Hocus Locus 2 Pink Pine (x2), Sparkly Sap (x2), Yellow Eye
Hocus Hat 2 Faerie Fluff (x2), Toad Oil (x2), Snakeskin
Fizzle-Retardant Suit 2 Silkblossom (x2), Oasis Water, Belle Cap

Classy Clobber for Kingly Kids

Result Stars Ingredients
Prince’s Pea Coat 2 Silkblossom (x3), Enchanted Stone, Blue Eye
Princess’s Robe 2 Silkblossom (x3), Enchanted Stone, Red Eye

Platinum Protection

Result Stars Ingredients
Platinum Platter 2 Platinum Ore, Glass Frit
Platinum Shield 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Permasnow (x2), Green Eye

Favourite Fashions of the Masters of Magic

Result Stars Ingredients
Witch’s Hat 2 Evencloth, Wing of Bat, Celestial Skein
Witch’s Robe 2 Narspicious (x2), Wing of Bat (x2), Belle Cap (x2)
Wizard’s Robe 2 Narspicious (x2), Wing of Bat (x2), Green Eye (x2)

That’s Magic

Result Stars Ingredients
Magic Shield 2 Platinum Ore, Spellbound Bough, Blue Eye
Magic Armour 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Spellbound Bough (x2), Blue Eye (x2)
Magic Vestment 2 Water Sedge (x3), Royal Soil (x3), Purple Eye

A Recipe Book of Regal Regalia

Result Stars Ingredients
King Axe 2 Gold Ore (x3), Enchanted Stone (x3), Beast Bone (x2)
King’s Coat 2.5 Silkblossom (x3), Ethereal Stone, Savvy Sapphire
Queen’s Robe 2.5 Silkblossom (x3), Ethereal Stone, Royal Ruby

More Dragony Designs

Result Stars Ingredients
Dragonsbane 2.5 Mythril Ore (x2), Dragon Horn (x2), Red Eye (x2)
Wyrmfang 2.5 Mythril Ore (x3), Dragon Hide (x2), Dragon Horn (x2)
Dragon Shield 2 Mythril Ore (x2), Dragon Horn, Yellow Eye
Dragon Mail 2 Mythril Ore (x3), Dragon Hide (x2), Red Eye (x2)

The Mothmask Prophecies

Result Stars Ingredients
Dread Dagger 2.5 Platinum Ore (x2), Coagulant (x2), Evencloth
Papillon Mask 2.5 Mythril Ore (x2), Butterfly Wing, Coagulant, Narspicious (x2)

Glam Gear for Go-Getters

Result Stars Ingredients
Tiara Tremenda 3 Gold Ore (x2), Royal Ruby, Belle Cap (x2), Love Potion (x3)
Glad Rags 3.5 Slipweed (x2), Royal Ruby (x2), Lambswool (x2), Love Potion (x3)

Platinum Plating

Result Stars Ingredients
Platinum Headgear 2.5 Platinum Ore (x2), Magic Beast Horn, Maiden’s Favour (x2)
Platinum Mail 2.5 Platinum Ore (x3), Sunny Citrine, Maiden’s Favour (x2)

Your Very Own Aegis of Illusion

Result Stars Ingredients
Ethereal Shield 3 Brighten Rock (x3), Mirrorstone (x2), Ethereal Stone, Royal Soil (x2)

Gear That Glitters

Result Stars Ingredients
Twinkling Tuxedo 2.5 Glimmergrass (x2), Silkblossom (x2), Brighten Rock (x2), Sparkly Sap (x2)
Shimmering Dress 2.5 Glimmergrass (x2), Pink Pearl (x2), Brighten Rock (x2), Sparkly Sap (x2)

Gilt Gear

Result Stars Ingredients
Gold Circlet 2.5 Gold Ore (x2), Red Eye, Gold Nuglet

Fine Fashions for Philosophers

Result Stars Ingredients
Sage’s Staff 2.5 Fatalistick (x2), Thinkincense (x3), Fresh Water (x3), Yellow Eye (x3)
Scholar’s Cap 2.5 Glimmergrass (x3), Blue Eye, Celestial Skein (x2)
Thinking Cap 2.5 Gold Ore (x3), Platinum Ore (x2), Equable Emerald (x2), Thinkincense (x2)
Guru’s Gloves 2.5 Dragon Hide (x2), Thinkincense, Sage’s Elixir

Making the Most of Mythril

Result Stars Ingredients
Fizzle Foil 2.5 Mythril Ore (x2), Narspicious (x2), Fatalistick (x2), Red Eye (x2)
Mythril Helm 2.5 Mythril Ore (x2), Dragon Horn (x2), Glass Frit (x2), Yellow Eye
Dancer’s Mail 2.5 Mythril Ore (x3), Slipweed (x2), Buzzberries (x2)

An Album of Imperial Attire

Result Stars Ingredients
Emperor’s Attire 3 Silkblossom (x3), Ethereal Stone (x2), Savvy Sapphire (x2), Colourful Cocoon (x2)
Empress’s Robe 3 Silkblossom (x3), Ethereal Stone (x2), Royal Ruby (x2), Colourful Cocoon (x2)

An Encyclopaedia of Expert Equipment

Result Stars Ingredients
Ogre Shield 3 Densinium (x3), Magic Beast Hide (x2), Equable Emerald, Purple Eye (x2)
Brigand’s Mitts 3 Magic Beast Hide (x2), Lambswool, Big Bone
Titan Belt 3 Finessence (x2), Dragon Horn, Dragon Hide

Sacred Styles for Saintly Ladies

Result Stars Ingredients
Goddess’s Tiara Molten Globules, Savvy Sapphire (x2), Brighten Rock (x2), Sparkly Sap
Saintess Dress 3.5 Colourful Cocoon (x2), Pale Pearl (x3), Mirrorstone (x2), Sainted Soma

Things to Do with Metal Goo

Result Stars Ingredients
Metal Goomerang 3 Molten Globules, Slimedrop, Spellbound Bough (x2), Toad Oil (x2)
Metal Gooreatsword 3 Molten Globules, Slimedrop, Maiden’s Favour (x2), Densinium
Metal Slime Armour 3 Molten Globules, Slimedrop, Densinium (x2), Large Scale (x2)
Metal Slime Helm 3 Molten Globules, Slimedrop, Mythril Ore (x2), Mirrorstone (x2)
Metal Slime Shield 3 Molten Globules, Slimedrop, Big Bone (x2), Sun-Bleached Seashell (x2)
Metal Slime Spear 3 Molten Globules, Slimedrop, Glass Frit (x2), Twisted Talons (x2)
Metal Slime Sword 3 Molten Globiles, Slimedrop, Dragon Horn (x2), Big Bone (x2)

Pride of the Valkyries

Result Stars Ingredients
Warrior Princess’s Headdress 3 Gold Bar, Savvy Sapphire (x2), Brighten Rock (x2), Glass Frit (x2)
Warrior Princess’s Dress 3.5 Technicolour Dreamcloth, Artful Amethyst (x2), Slipweed (x3), Sainted Soma

General Directives

Result Stars Ingredients
General’s Jacket 3.5 Technicolour Dreamcloth (x2), Evencloth (x2), Pitch Pearl (x2), Finessence
General’s Jackboots 3.5 Dragon Hide (x2), Gold Nuglet, Saint’s Ashes, Evencloth (x2)

In Fine Fettle with Liquid Metal

Result Stars Ingredients
Liquid Metal Armour 3.5 Molten Globules, Goobricant, Dragon Horn (x2), Platinum Ore (x2)
Liquid Metal Goomerang 3.5 Molten Globules, Goobricant, Wyrmwood (x2), Densinium (x2)
Liquid Metal Gooreatsword 3.5 Molten Globules, Goobricant, Densinium (x2), Lamplight (x2)
Liquid Metal Helm 3.5 Molten Globules, Goobricant, Dracolyte (x2), Lucida Shard (x2)
Liquid Metal Jacket 3.5 Molten Globules, Goobricant, Dragon Hide (x2), Colourful Cocoon (x2)
Liquid Metal Shield 3.5 Molten Globules, Goobricant, Gold Nuglet (x2), Densinium (x2)
Liquid Metal Spear 3.5 Molten Globules, Goobricant, Wyrmwood (x2), Gold Nuglet (x2)
Liquid Metal Sword 3.5 Molten Globules, Goobricant, Dragon Horn (x2), Lamplight (x2)


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