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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Recipe Books - Weapons

Jarrod Garripoli

You will find the locations of all Recipe Books that contain weapons on this page. They are listed in the order in which you will probably find them during the main story.

Fist Forays Into Forging

  • Obtained whenever you get the Fun-Sized Forge from Erik in The Manglegrove
Result Stars Ingredients
Bronze Sword .5 Copper Ore (x2), Flintstone
Divine Dagger .5 Copper Ore, Fresh Water

I Love Iron Arms

Result Stars Ingredients
Iron Broadsword 1 Iron Ore (x2), Copper Ore
Cast-Iron Claymore 1 Iron Ore (x3), Copper Ore

So You Want to Be a Witch

Result Stars Ingredients
Lamp Post 1 Beast Bone, Lamplight
Wizard’s Staff 1 Pink Pine, Warmaline, Lamplight
Tricky Turban 1 Cottontop (x2), Duneberry, Narspicious
Fizzle-Retardant Blouse 1 Cottontop, Narspicious, Oasis Water
Enchantress’s Gloves 1 Cottontop, Duneberry, Butterfly Wing

A Slender Sword of Solid Silver

  • Found in a chest on the central platform (requires some climbing) in western Laguna di Gondolia
Result Stars Ingredients
Silver Rapier 1 Silver Ore (x2), Beast Bone, Glass Frit


Result Stars Ingredients
Broader Sword 1 Iron Ore (x3), Pitch Pearl
Battle Fork 1 Beast Bone (x2), Witherwood, Yellow Eye
Rose Whip 1 Pink Pine, Narspicious, Buzzberries

Smithing with Steel

Result Stars Ingredients
Steel Broadsword 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Iron Ore, Blue Eye
Soarin’ Steel 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Iron Ore (x2), Big Bone (x2)
Steel Shield 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Iron Ore, Glass Frit (x2)
Steel Helmet 1.5 Silver Ore (x3), Iron Ore (x2), Royal Soil (x2)
Full Plate Armour 1.5 Silver Ore (x3), Iron Ore, Tiny Tortoise Shell (x2)

Building Butterfly Bric-a-Brac

Result Stars Ingredients
Batterfly Knife 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Coagulant, Butterfly Wing
Malleable Mask 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Butterfly Wing (x2), Narspicious

Your Crafting Career Starts Here

Result Stars Ingredients
Jolly Brolly 1.5 Witherwood (x2), Waveweed, Sparkly Sap
Coral Hairpin 1.5 Crimson Coral, Maiden’s Favour
Utility Belt 1.5 Hardy Hide (x2), Celestial Skein, Grubby Bandage

Building a Blade of Blistering Brutality

  • In a chest behind the counter in the weapon shop in Lonalulu
Result Stars Ingredients
Cautery Sword 1.5 Silver Ore (x2), Lava Lump, Red Eye

Lashings of Class

Result Stars Ingredients
Queen’s Whip 2 Mirrorstone (x2), Narspicious, Green Eye

Electrifying Equipment

Result Stars Ingredients
Lightning Staff 2 Pink Pine (x2), Thunderball, Royal Soil
Lightning Lance 2 Gold Ore (x3), Thunderball, Magic Beast Horn

Build Better Birds’ Feet

Result Stars Ingredients
Crow’s Claws 2 Platinum Ore, Flurry Feather (x2), Twisted Talons

Dragony Designs

  • On a bookshelf in a house south of the weapons shop in Phnom Nonh
Result Stars Ingredients
Wyvern Wand 1.5 Pink Pine (x2), Dragon Hide, Blue Eye
Dragontail Whip 2 Dragon Horn, Dragon Hide, Green Eye

Knick-Knacks for Nifty Nickers

Result Stars Ingredients
Bloodletter 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Dragon Horn, Red Eye
Swordbreaker 2 Silver Ore (x2), Gold Ore (x2), Twisted Talons (x2)
Thief’s Turban 1.5 Evencloth, Narspicious, Pitch Pearl
Robber Gloves 1 Magic Beast Hide (x2), Slipweed, Kitty Litter
Gloomy Gloves 2 Magic Beast Hide, Evencloth

Making the Magic Happen

  • In a chest behind the Magic Key door in Gallopolis
Result Stars Ingredients
Hocus Locus 2 Pink Pine (x2), Sparkly Sap (x2), Yellow Eye
Hocus Hat 2 Faerie Fluff (x2), Toad Oil (x2), Snakeskin
Fizzle-Retardant Suit 2 Silkblossom (x2), Oasis Water, Belle Cap

Divine Designs

  • In a chest behind the Magic Key door in Gondolia
Result Stars Ingredients
Seraphic Sceptre 2 Pink Pine (x2), Angel Bell (x3), Yellow Eye
Angel’s Sandals 2 Celestial Skein (x2), Angel Bell (x3), Flurry Feather (x2)

Supercool Kit

  • In a chest behind the cabin in the northern part of the Snaerfelt
Result Stars Ingredients
Winter’s Wing 2 Avabranche (x2), Permasnow (x2), Platinum Ore (x2)
Shiverstick 2 Avabranche (x2), Purple Eye, Sparkly Sap

Platinum Power

  • On a bookshelf on the second floor of the Sniflheim Inn (after thawed)
Result Stars Ingredients
Platinum Sword 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Magic Beast Hide (x2), Buzzberries (x2)
Platinum Powersword 2 Platinum Ore (x3), Gold Ore (x2), Mirrorstone (x2)
Platinum Lance 2 Platinum Ore (x3), Silver Ore (x2), Blue Eye
Platinum Claws 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Iron Ore (x2), Yellow Eye

How to Outdo the Undead

Result Stars Ingredients
Zombie Slayer 2 Platinum Ore (x2), Saint’s Ashes, Extra Mural

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