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Settlement Details

Nathan Garvin

List of Workshops

Location Prerequisite Notes
Abernathy Farm Complete quest “Returning the Favor”. Plenty of space to build on as well as grow crops.
Boston Airport Complete quest “Shadow of Steel”. Cannot really support crops or defenses. Completely unestablished.
Bunker Hill Complete quest “The Battle of Bunker Hill”. Several vendors and already established buildings.
Castle, The Clear the area of hostiles. Massive structure, radio transmitter and plays host to several quests.
Coastal Cottage Clear the area of hostiles. Unestablished, basic.
County Crossing Complete the offered radiant quest. A very simplistic settlement; nothing special.
Covenant Complete quest “Human Error” or defeat current residents. Quite small but already well established. Residents include vendors.
Croup Manor Clear the area of hostiles. Large three-storey structure but largely unestablished.
Name Prerequisite Notes
Egret Tours Marina Placate or defeat Phyllis Daily. Several buildings, plenty of water and traps can be found here.
Finch Farm Complete quest “Out of the Fire”. A very simplistic settlement; nothing special.
Graygarden Complete quest “Troubled Waters”. Very high food production, robot residents and plenty of vendors. Unique.
Greentop Nursery Complete the offered radiant quest. There are two large buildings and plenty of crops here.
Hangman’s Alley Clear the area of hostiles. This area is enclosed with plenty of small structures to scrap or alter.
Home Plate (Diamond City House) Purchase housing permit from Geneva in Mayor’s office for 2000 Caps. A small, personal space that offers very little in the way of functionality.
Jamaica Plain Clear the area of hostiles. Sizable two-storey building and rather large parking lot.
Location Prerequisite Notes
Kingsport Lighthouse Clear the area of hostiles. The terrain is uneven with plenty of open water. Multiple large structures.
Murkwater Construction Site Clear the area of hostiles. Unestablished with an expanse of open water.
Nordhagen Beach Complete the offered radiant quest. Basic with plenty of places to grow crops as well as a body of water.
Oberland Station Complete the offered radiant quest. Basic with plenty of established crops and a small two-storey structure.
Outpost Zimonja Clear the area of hostiles. A power grid can already be found here as well as some basic structures.
Red Rocket Truck Stop - Has a well-equipped service station and a rather friendly dog.
Sanctuary Hills - Numerous established structures, open water, plenty of workstations and a massive buildable area.
Slog, The Complete the offered radiant quest. A residential area for the Ghoul population who have established numerous crops.
Name Prerequisite Notes
Somerville Place Complete the offered radiant quest. Simplistic with plenty of building space and some established crops.
Spectacle Island Clear the area of hostiles. An interesting area with plenty of space for building and an established power grid. Activating the circuit breakers reveals hidden enemies.
Starlight Drive-In Clear the area of hostiles. Plenty of structures with a nice space for building.
Sunshine Tidings Co-op Clear the area of hostiles. Plenty of structures, plenty of space and a special robot resident.
Taffington Boathouse Clear the area of hostiles. Has two good structures and some open water.
Tenpines Bluff Complete the offered radiant quest. Very basic and simple.
Warwick Homestead Complete the offered radiant quest. An established settlement with a variety of structures and crops as well as a large buildable area.

Caravan traders pass through some settlements en route to their next destination. You can trade with them like any vendor and you don’t need to control the settlement to barter with them. However, acquiring settlements along these routes does allow safe (and convenient) spots to do trading on your journey through the Commonwealth.

Visited Settlements

Settlement Trader
County Crossing Doc Weathers
Covenant Lucas Miller
Finch Farm Doc Weathers
Greentop Nursery Lucas Miller
Oberland Station Trashcan Carla
Sanctuary Hills Trashcan Carla
Slog, The Doc Weathers
Somerville Place Trashcan Carla
Tenpines Bluff Lucas Miller
Warwick Homestead Cricket

Settlement Details

While some settlements are easily acquired near the beginning of the game, others will have you traversing difficult terrain and enemies to reach them. Many are often found further afield than the nearest quest marker and will require you to do exploration that takes you far away from the beaten path. This leaves you more vulnerable to stronger enemies and so some settlements will not be acquired until much later through the game once you’re stronger. Below is a detailed look at each settlement and what it offers in terms of location, convenience and buildable area.

Abernathy Farm

One of the first settlements you will find away from Sanctuary Hills is this family-run farm. Upon arrival you will notice it already has some flourishing crops and as such, it is a perfect place for large-scale farming and food production. There is a sizeable patch of dirt in which to plant crops as well as enough space to build shacks and other necessary resources as your population increases.

Be sure to keep on top of defense as the settlement increases in size because gangs are often drawn to farms. While the enemies you encounter here are nothing like what you may find on the other side of the Commonwealth, this area is not completely immune to invasions by enemy factions so be prudent.

This is a great place for food production and already has a small population.

Boston Airport

This is one of the tougher settlements to make happy since it has limited features compared with other settlements. You cannot have crops, stores, salvage stations, recruitment beacons or artillery and so it is solely reliant on good supply lines. You can build water pumps in the gravel but food and almost any other method to improve happiness is very difficult.

There is a lot of scrap to be found here however so should you need basic building materials, pay a visit to Boston Airport and scrap almost everything you can. Note that Boston Airport only becomes available during the “Shadow of Steel” Brotherhood quest.

This settlement has limited functionality in terms of building but it has a lot of scrap.

Bunker Hill

Despite its small size, Bunker Hill is a well-established settlement, complete with a plethora of vendors and stores and has enough equipment and resources for the population that’s already there.

The residents will be happy to supply any peaceful visitors to Bunker Hill but if you wish to take control of the settlement itself, you must first complete the quest “The Battle of Bunker Hill” to get them on side.

You must first complete the “Battle for Bunker Hill” quest before you can obtain this settlement.

The Castle

Once the headquarters of The Minutemen, the Castle is a massive settlement and home to many Minuteman quests. It already has some established guard posts, a first-aid station and a water purifier which just needs connecting to a suitable generator. You will not need to worry about space for beds or crops as the base provides plenty for each in the form of the existing buildings and the courtyard itself.

Completing some of the optional Minuteman quests will unlock the best features of The Castle. “Taking Independence” provides allies when you wish to take back the fortress while completing the quest allows access to Radio Freedom which has news of allied settlements. Completing “Old Guns” unlocks the armory where you can obtain access to workstations, artillery and other weapons. The building comes furnished with laser turrets and Tesla arcs, perfect for defending the base.

You can build a very formidable settlement using all the space inside as well as take advantage of what’s already here.

Coastal Cottage

High atop a cliff along the coast, this beat up old cottage has a few enemies that will need clearing out before you can access the Workshop. There are a few old things you can scrap for resources before you decide to build anything and it is definitely better to scrap as much as you can and start again.

There isn’t a whole lot you can do here as the area is quite small but just focus on building some structures, adding resources and power as well as a bit of defense and you’ll have yourself a nice little settlement.

This is a very basic settlement which you can’t do much with. Scrap what you can and add basic resources.

County Crossing

This is a nice little settlement which already has a good source of food, a decent size pool of water and some small structures as well as a cooking station. The buildable area is quite reasonable so you may want to add a few large structures of your own as well as expand the crop area. To unlock the settlement initially, you will need to complete a quest to help the settlers.

There is plenty to work with here though it will not be your main hub. It can still be turned into a reasonably useful settlement with a few additions.


The quest “Human Error” begins and ends here and depending how you complete it, will depend on whether the residents ally with you. Should you gain their trust, you will find an already self-sufficient little settlement, complete with vendors and everything needed to keep it running. If you choose to clear out the residents, then you can take control of the Workshop and recruit new settlers.

You can scrap a few things but it is honestly just worth fortifying what’s already there and save your resources for other, less well-established settlements. Bolster defenses and this settlement takes care of itself.

This well-run community has everything it needs. Simply bolster defenses and add to what’s there, and you have yourself a self-sufficient settlement.

Croup Manor

Noticeable by its large three-storey building, Croup Manor is initially home to a few nasties that will need exterminating before you can access the Workshop here. The Manor is perfect for use as a self-contained hub of vendors, beds and recreation. Outside you can plant numerous crops, wall off the Manor and add towers and defenses should you choose to do so.

The buildable area is not massive but it is enough considering the very reasonable structure you begin with. Establishing a good trading outpost here will really help and you can expect to have a nice settlement for very little input on your behalf.

The Manor is perfect as a trading post establishment and the surrounding area can be used for crops and defenses.


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