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Nathan Garvin

Egret Tours Marina

As the name suggests, this settlement is situated on a massive body of water, perfect for creating a thriving settlement. There are already some substantial buildings which you can work with and they are situated quite close together which makes defending the place much easier. Do beware of traps here though as the place is full of them.

To unlock the Marina, you must pass some moderate to difficult speech checks with Phyllis Daily who can be found in one of the buildings. After you convince her, the Workshop will open up and you can start using the settlement. You can of course just kill her too but where’s the fun in that?

A fair sized settlement near plenty of water. Speak to Phyllis Daily (right) and pass speech checks to unlock.

Finch Farm

This is another unusual settlement because it encompasses an overpass and a large area underneath. You can create a plethora of defenses, outposts and structures on the overpass itself then add crops in the huge amount of dirt underneath. It can be well defended since you have an excellent view of the surrounding area and the overpass allows you to build turrets which can cover a wide range.

To unlock this place, you must first complete the “Out of the Fire” quest to rescue Abraham’s son, Jake. The Workshop will unlock when you’ve finished.

A large settlement with an overpass. Complete the “Out of the Fire” quest to unlock.


One of the most productive and self-sufficient settlements, Graygarden has a very unique kind of population: almost every resident is a robot. As such, the workers here do not need sleep, food or water. In the first instance, the settlement produces enough food to support quite a few smaller settlements should you wish to expand and attract newcomers.

By placing a few strong turrets around the place, the settlement will then need almost no maintenance on your part. If you do wish to attract new human settlers, be aware that they will need the basics like food and water. To unlock Graygarden you must complete the quest “Troubled Waters” and gain the trust of the robotic occupants.

An excellent settlement for farming complete with robots. Complete the quest “Troubled Waters” to unlock.

Greentop Nursery

The central feature of this settlement is the large greenhouse full of crops. The surrounding area also has a couple of nice large buildings which you can build around and add fences, turrets and other defenses to create an easily defended fort. While not as unique as some other settlements, this one still offers plenty of things to start out with. It is a reasonable size so there are options to recruit more settlers and make it quite self sufficient.

Complete the radiant quest to unlock. Comes with a decent amount of crops and a few settlers.

Hangman’s Alley

Unlike other settlements, this one is set in an urban environment and is surrounded by buildings on every side. As a result, it can only be attacked from two directions making it easy to defend. Originally a Raider camp, after you’ve cleared them out you can set about making it the ultimate urban fortress.

There is no food or water to begin with but there are several shacks which can be scrapped or moved as you please. Farming isn’t ideal as you can imagine though there are a couple of bits of cracked pavement where you can place water pumps or crops. The area is large and goes well beyond the eastern fence line so there is plenty of room to grow and develop it.

A very confined settlement, it can be build into a solid urban fortress.

Home Plate (House in Diamond City)

There isn’t much you can in the way of building here as it’s more of a place to come when you’re in Diamond City to unwind. It won’t appear in the Pip-Boy but it does contain a Workshop with limited functions and a power grid. To purchase the house, visit Geneva in the Mayor’s office and discuss buying a house in the city. The permit costs 2,000 Caps.

As far as building goes, you cannot build resources or structures but you can use the Workshop to decorate the house with furniture and power-related items. It is quite a large house so go all out on this one and feel free to decorate it to your heart’s content.

You can furnish the house as you like and can even place things on the roof outside!

Jamaica Plain

This is a medium-sized area with a fair amount of empty space. You can build a good perimeter around the settlement as well as make good use of spots for resources. There is enough space to add a few buildings if you wish as well as plenty of room for power and defense. The two-storey building that is already there is perfect for beds and for putting turrets on top of.

To access the Workshop you will need to clear out some Ghouls from the area.

There isn’t a whole lot you can do with this one but you can still make a decent settlement out of it.


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