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Nathan Garvin

Somerville Place

A humble farm occupied by a settler and his children, there is a small building with some furniture and a modest plantation of crops to begin with. It is imperative you fortify this place as soon as you can because of its proximity to the Glowing Sea. It will be regularly attacked by all manner of nasties, namely Super Mutants. It may be better to try to create treehouses or structures above ground to protect your settlers from attacks.

This place will be constantly attacked from some really nasty enemies so fortify as soon as possible.

Spectacle Island

Before even setting foot here you will need to clear out some very strong enemies. This island will be one of the last areas which you will control because of this. The rewards are worth it though because there are several structures, an established power grid, plenty of water and quite a few workstations. It is still rather basic though so the place is perfect for creative minds to concoct all manner of crazy buildings and settlements due to its large buildable area.

To unlock, activate the circuit breakers dotted around to reveal hidden enemies.

A huge island home to some strong enemies but once cleared, it provides a giant area for building anything you want.

Starlight Drive-In

As the name suggests, this settlement is a sizeable movie Drive-In with a parking lot full of rusty cars and a large screen. The center of the area is filled with highly radioactive water which cannot be used for water purification until you have removed all of the radioactive waste barrels and rusty cars. There is also a diner which is booby trapped so try to deactivate it before getting too excited about its contents. After a bit of clearing up, this place can be turned into a thriving settlement.

Watch out for the highly radioactive water in the middle and the booby-trapped diner. Clear out the radioactive substances to access the water source.

Sunshine Tidings Co-op

A well-established settlement with many structures and beds as well as a lot of scrap items, Sunshine Tidings can soon be made into a self-sufficient settlement for a good-sized community. There is a unique aspect to this settlement: a malfunctioning Mr Handy known as Professor Goodfeels which is linked to the terminal here. Unlock the terminal to learn more about Prof Goodfeels as well as learn about Hesters Consumer Robotics if you haven’t already unlocked the area on your map.

The Mr Handy Professor Goodfeels dwells here who can provide information to other areas nearby.

Taffington Boathouse

The first thing that greets as you approach the boathouse is a significant horde of Bloodbugs both inside and outside the house. After removing the threat, you can see that the settlement is based around a large colonial house as well as a smaller boathouse complete with traps and tripwires. There is plenty of surrounding water with which to establish a reasonable settlement but it isn’t one of the biggest.

After exterminating the Bloodbugs, carefully enter the boathouse (right) to deactive the tripwires here.

Tenpines Bluff

This is a tiny settlement with a mere shack, some Tato plants, a cooking grill and two settlers. There are two beds in the shack but both are owned and thus unusable by the player. Finally, a small abandoned house can be found just past the Tato plants with a bed inside. You cannot scrap the pre-existing shack and so you must work with and around it. Tenpines Bluff can be used as a decent farming settlement because of the good amount of space for crops but you can’t really do much else with the area other than build a modest settlement.

Incredibly basic in the beginning, you can steadily make a modest farming settlement from this area.

Warwick Homestead

Once a waste treatment plant, the Homestead is now a family-run farm with a slightly sinister undertone. The main residence houses beds for the settlers and a further structure contains a walkway which connects to two processing tanks. The walkway is broken in places but can be removed and then replaced once you have unlocked the workshop here. The area is perfect for farming as well as building a massive fortress should you desire. You are bound to find plenty to keep you occupied here.

Unlocked via an Institute quest, this place is excellent for farming or creating a massive settlement of your choice.


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