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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:26 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 19-04-2019 / 11:18 GMT

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Hints and Secrets

Our Top 5 Starting Tips

Before you begin the game (or if you’re just starting out), here our or favourite tips to make the game that much easier and enjoyable!

1. Try a New Life

Miner, Woodcutter and Angler are recommended for gathering materials.

Firstly, we should mention there’s no right or wrong way to play Fantasy Life. That said, we strongly discourage sticking with one Life for the entirety or majority of your game experience.

By experience, we’re not referring to the main story–you can happily wing your way through that in one Life if you want. We mean your time in Fantasy Life in general.

Simply by doing the maths, there are twelve Life roles in the game, so if you only play one Life, you’re potentially missing out on 11/12 of the game.

Furthermore, many of the Life roles complement each other. For instance, Blacksmiths craft weapons and armour, but the best materials are gotten as a Miner.

But if a Miner wants to reach better materials, they have to get through strong monsters–a job for a Paladin or Mercenary. And wouldn’t you say a Paladin or Mercenary would love some really strong weapons and armour?

The best time to change Life roles is anytime, if you have free time, or when you’re struggling with a particular Life role.

2. Dont Sell Anything*

Throughout the course of the game, you’ll find and be given a wide variety of items, some of which have an obvious use and others that apparently serve no purpose.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid selling any items unless you’re dirt poor. You never know when a Request asks for a particular item or when a particular item is a necessary ingredient for an item you want to craft in another Life.

A good example are Truffles. You’re given 5 of these rare mushrooms near the end of the story and you need at least 3 to complete 3 Cook Challenges. The only way to obtain a Truffle normally is as a rare drop.

There are lots of items in Fantasy Life, but not enough to burst your storage.

Inventory space is rarely an issue, so long as you claim the increased Item Bag and Storage space Bliss Bonuses in a timely manner.

*The exception to this rule are equipment you’ve grown out of or items you can easily craft or gather.

3. Make Use of Quick Travel

The world of Reveria is pretty large when you need to get places. To save time, look for Quick Travel opportunities whenever you can–these are options that instantly transport you to a given location.

To begin with, you can use your Map to Quick Travel to your home, Life Master or Castele Guild Office; perfect for returning to Castele in a flash, reporting your Challenges or changing Life.

You can also speak to the Guide Paladins (look for the Paladin icon on the bottom screen map) in Castele and the East Grassy Plains to transport to various locations.

In particular, the Guide Paladin by the foot of Mt. Snowpeak can transport you to the summit after unlocking it. Similarly, there’s one near the entrance of the Elderwood who will escort you further in.

If you purchase the holiday homes, you can use them as Quick Travel destinations too. Albeit expensive ones.

4. Chat To Life Colleagues

Each Life comes with a bunch of Life colleagues, friendly NPCs who are always happy to chat and share their wisdom. You can identify them by the Life icon next to their name–for example, a shield for fellow Paladins.

Whenever a colleague has something new and important to say, there will be a "?" thought bubble above their head. Every colleague has two things to say to you by default, then one more thing for each Life rank you reach.

Challenges can be done without being received, but recipes need to be told.

Sometimes colleagues may give you tips or Challenges for your Life, while other times they may give you presents or recipes to create new items.

Certain colleagues may even let you invite them to your party when you reach a certain rank. Basically, keep talking until their "?" bubble goes away!

Finally, don’t forget that your Life Master counts as a colleague too. The only difference is that you must pick the "Chat" option when speaking to him or her.

5. Phone a Friend

If you believe you’ve reached an insurmountable wall or cannot for the life of you find a specific material or item, all hope isn’t lost.

Thanks to modern technology, you can ask a friend who’s playing Fantasy Life to help you in Local or Online Multiplayer mode.

No friends? Fine; that’s what the Internet is for. We’d be very surprised if you couldn’t find another Fantasy Life player to help you in the vast Internet. Try visiting Fantasy Life online communities or gaming communities in general.

Teaming up with other players is a great way to defeat tough monsters or acquire rare items. Just make sure you’re nice and/or have something in return.

Furthermore, the Life system encourages players who have picked different Lifes to help each other out. If you’re a Blacksmith, you’ll probably appreciate the ores of a Miner, for example.

Besides, Multiplayer is fun!

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