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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 18-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:27 GMT
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Far Cry 4 Guide

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Masks of Yalung

Masks of Yalung are one of the many collectibles in Far Cry 4, and probably one of two that’s very well-hidden. You can buy maps that show the locations for these from the shop, which will pinpoint the location of the mask on your map. However, when you get close to the location of the mask, it will be replaced by a blue circle, showing you the general location.

There are two methods you can use to find the mask, with the first being that when you get close enough, you will hear a chanting noise. The other method involves getting just out of the blue circle, going to your map and then setting a waypoint on the mask. When you go back to the game, then you should see a more exact location of the mask.

The two most important unlocks via Masks are when you collect 20, which will unlock the Trooper signature weapon in the store, and after collecting all 55, which will give you unlimited Guns for Hire tokens. Also, at 15 Masks, you’ll get the Exorcist trophy/achievement.

Coordinates Mask Location
X: 221.5, Y: 618.8 At approximately **X: 227.6, Y: 618.3** , you will find a small cave with a grapple point inside. This will bring you to an area with the Yalung's Soul location, with the mask being on the ceiling inside.
X: 208.3, Y: 566.6 Underwater, near the shoreline.
X: 200.8, Y: 531.1 Find the stream and look for a body by some rocks. The bush right next to the body hides the mask.
X: 206.4, Y: 480.2 Located on a raised area, with some grapple points located north of the icon on the map. The mask is on a body that's next to a rock.
X: 235.6, Y: 476.5 Inside of a cave (Yalung's Skull), located on top of a tall rock near the ceiling.
X: 203.9, Y: 415.4 Inside of Ettan's Shack, underneath the bed.
X: 261.1, Y: 394.9 Underwater in the middle of the lake, on a dead body.
X: 270.8, Y: 495.3 At approximately **X: 261.6, Y: 518.2** , you will find a series of grapple points that lead to a grassy area. Follow this to eventually reach a shallow cave with the mask on the ground.
X: 266.0, Y: 552.5 On a table with a red tablecloth inside of a cave (Yaksini's Flesh location).
X: 310.7, Y: 566.9 On top of a crate that's in plain sight.
X: 310.4, Y: 482.0 Inside of a cave, in one of the cages on the upper level.

The first and fifth Masks (from the above list) are located near the ceiling in their respective caves.

Coordinates Mask Location
X: 320.5, Y: 361.3 At around **X: 324.6, Y: 382.7** , you will find a grapple spot that leads to more of them. You'll have to be careful with the wooden planks part. Eventually, you'll reach the wreckage of a plane, with the mask being under the wing against the mountain.
X: 361.5, Y: 336.3 Found amongst some bones next to a log and some debris.
X: 310.8, Y: 298.2 Climb the rocks to a pool of water, with the mask being at the bottom of the pool
X: 371.5, Y: 400.6 Found on a dead body inside of a cave.
X: 420.7, Y: 391.4 There's a ledge with a dead body on it, found when climbing a grapple spot. Look over the edge to find the mask on a smaller ledge.
X: 443.7, Y: 373.7 Found on top of a rock at the bottom of the pool of water.
X: 460.5, Y: 379.7 Being held by a statue in a cave.
X: 487.1, Y: 395.8 There's a well you can enter via a grapple point. Go all the way down and into the water, with the mask being at the bottom where you should land.
X: 524.6, Y: 393.1 Located on the big rock right next to the tent.
X: 388.8, Y: 417.3 Located in a cage with a dead Bengal Tiger.
X: 354.6, Y: 437.9 It's on the tip of the boat right on the shoreline.
Coordinates Mask Location
X: 470.9, Y: 418.3 Located on a dead body that is on a ledge.
X: 527.7, Y: 434.4 It's on the back end of a broken boat, underwater.
X: 531.7, Y: 483.3 Located on a dead body on some rocks. You'll need to use the nearby grapple point to get onto the rock with the body.
X: 472.8, Y: 493.9 It's in the hole that's on the backside of the decorated pillar near the Mani Wheel.
X: 451.6, Y: 515.0 It's in a cage where a dead body is on the ground.
X: 412.5, Y: 539.0 Located on a small edge that's part of the bridge, on the southern side.
X: 418.0, Y: 469.2 Inside of the building, on top of the bookshelf.
X: 360.9, Y: 520.7 Located on the skull of a skeleton in the water of Yalung's Heart.
X: 354.5, Y: 558.4 It's inside of a small cage on the outside of the north side of the building.
X: 324.4, Y: 588.1 On top of a bookshelf in the building.
X: 416.5, Y: 606.8 On a skull inside of the cave (Yalung's Stomach).

The one mask (from the set below) in the log building is located inside of the drawer of the dresser in between the two beds, which can be hard to see since only a part of the mask is showing.

Coordinates Mask Location
X: 458.1, Y: 637.3 Underneath the bed inside of the house.
X: 424.6, Y: 673.5 Being held by the statue inside of the building.
X: 472.4, Y: 704.9 Inside of a cave, at the bottom of an area that's almost completely sealed off by a cage.
X: 537.0, Y: 692.7 On top of a skull in the river.
X: 398.0, Y: 780.6 Inside of the middle building, in the drawer that's in between the beds.
X: 520.9, Y: 808.1 Among some debris.
X: 566.2, Y: 810.0 On a dead body that's underneath some wood leaning against a wall.
X: 596.1, Y: 644.1 Located underneath the floorboard of the broken section of the boat on the shoreline.
X: 591.5, Y: 702.9 On the statue inside of the shrine.
X: 710.6, Y: 631.8 On the backside of the building is a well you can go down inside via a grapple point. Do that and the mask is inside of the cage.
X: 832.1, Y: 683.4 There's a ledge you can grapple onto and then another ledge on the other side of the gap. The mask is on a body on that ledge.
Coordinates Mask Location
X: 794.2, Y: 674.5 It's in between the wall of the bigger building and the cage.
X: 747.2, Y: 671.4 On a dead body that's on the ground right next to a wall.
X: 687.8, Y: 675.3 At approximately **X: 692.6, Y: 676.6** , there's a grapple point that leads to a ledge and a cave. Go inside and down the next grapple point to find the mask among the bones.
X: 625.5, Y: 709.1 Inside of the cave (Ila's Roost), on some bones.
X; 641.2, Y: 675.4 Next to some debris that is amongst some large rocks underwater.
X: 680.7, Y: 722.5 Behind a large rock, which has a truck in front of it.
X: 752.2, Y: 710.1 South of the icon, near the road is a path that leads up the mountain. You know you're in the right spot when you see a ledge and a vine to climb. The mask is right on a put-out campfire next to a small building.
X: 758.6, Y: 723.2 Continue from the exact spot of the last mask. Go west and follow the path to a vine, then climb some ledges and cross a log. Keep going, using two grapple points and one more to reach the top, where you'll find the mask on a body next to a rock.
X: 756.7, Y: 780.8 Inside of a cave, with the entrance requiring you to grapple to it. The mask is on a large rock straight from the entrance.
X: 711.2, Y: 777.0 From the entrance to the cave, go to the tower on the left and the mask will be on the left side of the tower.
X: 669.2, Y: 820.6 On a body behind a large rock.

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