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Far Cry 4
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 18-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-03-2018 / 11:05 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 16-10-2018 / 17:31 GMT

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Yogi & Reggie Missions

Yogi & Reggie Missions

The Burning Forest

The second mission of Yogi and Reggie’s will revolve around fire, as you might have guessed from the name. Begin by grabbing the assault rifle on the ground where you start and head towards the first objective marker. Along the way, you will encounter flaming boars, so kill them and continue onwards. At the marker, climb onto the rock and some Molotov tossers will spawn.

This mission revolves around fire, which will include flaming animals and enemies that toss Molotovs at you.

You can either kill them or start moving towards the next waypoint, where more enemies of the Molotov-tossing kind will spawn. Once again, kill them or run past them towards the next marker. Jump onto the roof of the house and kill the enemies that appear, then go inside and grab the bag on the ground to finish the mission.