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Far Cry 5
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard
First Published: 26-03-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 17-03-2019 / 13:39 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-05-2019 / 23:46 GMT

Far Cry 5 Guide

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Story Missions: Henbane River

Walk The Path

Mission AcquisitionRewards
Upon completion of Paradise Lost, Faith SeedD2 "Sin Eater", $4000

Find the Sheriff

Upon the completion of Paradise Lost, you’ll find yourself just outside the gate of Faith’s bunker while still under the influence of Bliss. Follow the linear path and eventually you’ll see an illusion from the beginning of the game. Once you walk nearer, two Angels will appear, a few bullets at each will take care of them.

Continue on up the stairs and you’ll come upon the Sheriff, influenced by the Bliss and clearly running out of time. Turn around, head up the stairs and open the next two blast doors as you push on.

Shutdown the central valves [5]

There’s five valves in the bunker that need to be shut off in order to stop pumping the bunker full of Bliss. Take out your binoculars as soon as you enter and survey the area of all the hostiles, with the first close to your starting location.

Stay crouched and eliminate the first cultist nearby before taking the ladder up and dispatching the next. Be quick here and follow the walkway around to a sniper, killing him in the process. Head back down the ladder and take out the cultists on the ground while remaining in stealth now that the fear of the sniper is eliminated it.

Once the cultists are eliminated, you can begin shutting off the valves, beware however that you will have to forego stealth during this sequence as each valve summons more cultists. Take out the cultists that enter during this process, from all directions (remembering the entrance you came from and the top walkway you cleared earlier). Once all the valves are open, you’ll need to survive until the Sheriff is done talking before you can open the blast door at the back.

Use stealth to take out this first group of enemies
don't let too many enemies gather while turning the valves off.

Destroy the central pumps [3]

Just before the next blast door are ammo crates to your right if you need to restock and once you’re ready, open the door. Three cultists are taking aim at this door as soon as it opens, use the doorway as cover and take them out.

You’ll see fire all over the place here, avoid coming into contact with it or else you’ll fall quickly. You can take the first two pumps out with a well timed Remote Explosive from the entranceway, edge forward until you can see the first one and then throw the explosive high into the air, detonating it once it passes over. You’ll have to move nearer to get the next one, take out the enemies that rush you and avoid the fire to approach it, using another explosive to destroy it.

Reach the silo

With the pumps destroyed, its time to make your escape, continue forward where you’ll find more ammo waiting for you as you round the corner. Open the next door and once again a cultist will be there to greet you, take him out and then use this corner of the corridor as cover to take out the next set of cultists rushing your way. Avoid the fire as you double back on yourself down the parallel corridor before you reach the stairs at the end.

Toss a Remote Explosive between the two pumps from the entrance way
likewise, an explosive makes short work of this corridor too.

Escape the bunker

There’s no enemies here for this short moment as you follow the corridor to another door to open. Continue on and before you take the door and stairs to your left, look behind it for some more ammo should you need it. Once you’re restocked, head up the stairs and prepare to take out two cultists at the top with two more hiding just before you can reach the ladder to your right.

Climb the ladder and follow the corridor to another blast door. The fire is increasing everywhere so you’ll need to be more careful where you run while following the corridor to the end and escaping the bunker, liberating the Henbane River in the process.


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