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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 29-05-2019 / 17:50 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-08-2019 / 09:59 GMT

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Lightning Dancing

How To Dodge Like a Pro

The first of the available "true" sidequests, you can do this quest as soon as you reach the Thunder Plains. As you cross the Thunder Plains, lightning loves to strike from above. There is actually a minigame integrated here wherein you get prizes for dodging the lightning - in fact, dodging enough bolts of lightning gets you part of Lulu’s ultimate weapon! By pressing X the moment you see the whitish flash, you can dodge the bolt of lightning. An internal counter in the game will count up how many bolts you’ve dodged or been hit by, and you get rewarded by chests at Rin’s agency (halfway through the Thunder Plains) when you get enough in either.

Just note that the counter resets if you get hit by lightning (yes, it must be consecutive), save the game, leave the area, or get too close to a lightning rod. Anyhow, you’ll want to have some time on your hands, and probably a No Encounters armor, too, just so you don’t fight weakling enemies and disrupt your flow. The rewards?

Your reactions will be tested for a lengthy period of time if you want the top rewards. Relax, set some time aside and go for it!

Dodges Reward
5 X Potion x 2
10 Mega Potion x 2
20 MP Sphere x 2
50 Strength Sphere x 3
100 HP Sphere x 3
150 Megalixir x 4
200 Venus Sigil
**Get Hit By Lightning** : 30 times - Ether 80 times - Elixir

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