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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 06-12-2019 / 22:39 GMT

Final Fantasy X HD Guide

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Aerial Battle!

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name Notes
Bomb Weak to Ice
Chimera No weaknesses, powerful
Dual Horn No weaknesses, powerful
Evil Eye Weak to Fire

The airship is finally yours! … Well, not yours to control, but eventually enough. Not to mention it’s cool enough to fly for once rather than walk everywhere. After regaining control on the bridge, speak with everyone and feel free to explore the ship at your leisure, though note that, as you leave, the ship will be ambushed. Don’t forget to speak with Rin to shop and stuff. Anyhow, go along the linear path in the ship’s main hall and you’ll eventually reach a deck near the top. Speak with some of the Al Bhed here for four Al Bhed Potions . Save, then go north of the area to the elevator to begin the battle against the defender of Bevelle.

BOSS - Evrae

Evrae has a number of attacks. Like most enemies, it has a basic physical attack; expect this to hit for 750~1,000 damage. It can also use Poison Breath after a charge-up turn; it hits everyone for some damage and will Poison everyone, too. These two attacks are only used when the ship is close to Evrae. Stone Gaze can also be used when close to Petrify you. When you’re far off, it can use Photon Spray as well, which hits eight random targets; expect to suffer an average of 500 damage each. At low HP, he’ll also use Swooping Scythe (sometimes as a counter) to get close and hit everyone for ~700 damage. This can also possibly Shatter a Petrified person - that means they’re KO’ed and the slot is completely vacant, so you cannot revive them or switch someone in.

This battle is fought kind of like that Chocobo Eater one from way back. You can use Trigger Commands to tell Cid to move the ship to or from the Evrae. When you’re close, you can attack any way you want; however, from afar, you must use ranged attacks (Blitzballs, magic, and the like).

Use the Trigger Commands wisely. You don't have Yuna to help out either so bear that in mind. Rikku will come into play a lot more to heal.

Anyhow… Open the fight by making the ship move away. Once that’s done, use this time to buff: Hastega, Protect, Cheer, Focus, and the like. Use each as much as you need to. If you have two Sphere Distiller -type items, Mix them with Rikku if you can, to throw up Mighty G and speed that up (Haste, Shell, Protect). Buffing should be easy enough.

After, the fight begins. When you’re still far off, focus the offense with Wakka, Rikku, and Lulu. Wakka should throw Blitzballs (Attack) and Lulu should use magic. Her magic won’t be very effective (unless you buffed a lot or have Flare), though. If you have Wakka with Mental Break , that’d be a swell idea. (Or you can wait and let Auron do it.) After that Break (if applicable), have Wakka try Dark Buste r, since there’s a 50% chance to blind Evrae. Rikku isn’t there for offense; rather, she can use Al Bhed Potions for some nice healing. You got a ton of those back in Bikanel, so you won’t have problems with supply and since they heal Poison and Petrification, too, that makes things extra nice. When she can’t do anything … I dunno, bring in Tidus for Cheer? Also note that Cid will fire 12 missiles at Evrae every now and then when far off, three times total, each for about 2,000~2,500 damage total. Nice.

The Al Bhed Potions are priceless to combat Poison Breath and any other status ailments, as well as good healing. Boost your defense with Cheer if you are opting for close range.

By the time you pass half HP, Evrae will Haste itself and likely use Swooping Scythe soon, basically forcing you to bring out the physical offense, likely Tidus and Auron in lieu of Wakka and Lulu. Keep in Rikku, though, for healing. If you have someone with Dispel (probably Yuna annoyingly), have them Dispel the Evrae’s Haste when you can to slow things down. (Alternatively, you can Reflect one of your allies and also Evrae, then have Slow bounce off the Reflected ally. The Evrae WILL counter this with a self-Haste, which would then bounce off of Reflect and … heh. It’s risky, though, since the character in question may need something beyond an Al Bhed Potion like a decent Cura/Curaga.)

As for the offense itself in close-quarters, Armor Break works well enough, and Power Break can manage to get rid of those attacks from the Darkness’d Evrae that do hit. Tidus can stick to simple physicals or further buffing of Auron with Cheer, and Rikku, again, to Al Bhed Potions. That’s about it; this boss is actually quite easy with the healing kept up and sufficient starting buffs.

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