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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 29-05-2019 / 17:50 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 12:39 GMT

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Underwater Ruins

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name Notes
Piranha 1 Weakness to Lightning
Piranha 2 As above
Piranha 3 As above

Underwater : Just keep using Circle to dive into the ruins.

Underwater ruins : Here in the entry room, examine the control panel and you’ll end up banging on it to open the door. [Disclaimer: Banging on stuff usually doesn’t work. Trust me, it doesn’t.] Afterwards, just continue along and you’ll do a simple battle. Afterwards, there will be a scene and then as you swim back, well… Examine the thing marked on the map and you’ll find something. A giant squid. How unique.

BOSS - Tros

This battle can be a bit difficult for once. Tros’s offense will mostly consist of a standard attack, Tentacles (single-target), and Nautilus Charge . The regular attacks usually does 75 damage. Nautilus Charge will take one noticeable turn to charge and it does 150-200 damage, so be sure to Defend on that turn!

At the start of the battle, there’s not anything special you’ll need to worry about. For the most part, attack and heal if you get under 200 HP. After Tros takes 350 damage, things change a bit. Tros gets out of your range at that point.

Once Tros is out of range, you can’t directly attack. You can have ??? use some Grenades on it, though! (Though how they manage to get the propulsion necessary to go through liquid and defy bouyancy is beyond me.) This is also a good time to heal. You can do that via Potions, or the Trigger Command Stand By (50 HP) if your stock is low. You could also stick to having Tidus use Cheer for Strength/Defense boosts.

Cheer is a good opener just to protect you from Tentacles. When he goes out of attack range, heal up and keep casting Cheer.

After a bit in the out-of-range position, Tros will use Nautilus Charge. Whether you take the beating or do something else is up to you - 150 damage can be nasty, but at least Cheer helps some while boosting Strength. With each 350 damage he takes after the Nautilus Charge, Tros usually runs off. After three or so of these incidents, the Pincer Attack Trigger Command finally becomes apparent to you. Seriously? You didn’t think of that before? Silly Tidus. The water pressure must be squeezing your poor little brains out.

Anyhow. That will negate Nautilus Charge for the remainder of the battle, but, since Tentacles becomes single-target, it will start doing about as much damage as Nautilus did. The main strategy before all of the running-away crap Tros did applies again: attack, blow stuff up, and heal when needed.

Once the fight is done, examine that thing in the middle of the room to begin a scene. Eventually, this culminates with some Sin-ful thoughts on Tidus’s part. (You’ll get the joke when you get there. Maybe. I dunno. I’m the king of bad jokes.)

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