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Final Fantasy X HD
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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-07-2020 / 13:23 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 12-08-2020 / 10:00 GMT

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name Notes
Sahagin Weakness to Lightning attacks.

Submerged Ruins: After the scenes, you'll end up in some kind of watery temple. Upon regaining control, go forward for a bit. (If you've beaten this game before, go left first and use the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere - Al Bhed is a simple dialect in this game involving the switching of letters around so that A is Q or some crap like that. You'll hear it more momentarily.) If you go to the right, you can try to read the language of Al Bhed on the glyph; even if it is mostly useless right now, you can find 200 Gil in the chest behind it. There are also two Potions to the south of the Sphere. Anyhow, once done, go north and into the next area.

Ruins: Underwater Hall : In this area, go along the path and left to a Hi-Potion , then along the main path northward to a scene. The path will fall out beneath you, dropping you into the water. Swim forward a bit to engage in battle with some of those Sahagins before ... Whoa. Am I the only one reminded of a certain scene from Star Wars: Episode I here?

Learning the Al Bhed language is a fun side quest and gives you insight into the lore and knowledge of the game.

BOSS - Geosgaeno

To the curious, 32,767 is just under half of the maximum HP most enemies would have been allowed in most earlier RPGs (i.e. 2000 or prior) for the most part. Most games then had statistics limited to a two- or four-byte system wherein the max for each stat was FF or FFFF in hexadecimal (256 or 65,536) respectively. 32,767 equates to 7FFF. Not like you care.

You know, this wasn't something I figured out until I last played FFX about eighteen months ago, but this fight, while not winnable, actually doesn't produce a Game Over, either. See, Geosgaeno will only use one attack in this battle - yes, you'll see him again, probably in a blitzball game? =P - and this attack will take off 50% of your current HP. Again, like in the battle versus Ammes, you therefore can't die. Therefore, pocket those Potions (or repocket them if they floated off) and just Attack for a while.

(In theory, you could beat this guy. However, he defaults to ending the battle after a third hit. If you somehow cheat, you can't get anything for beating Geos this time, so don't bother. For that matter, if you're cheating, why are you using my guide?)

Keep attacking until the screen changes like in the second picture and a cutscene will play.

Ruins: Corridor : After the battle, head north and into the next, rather cold area. huddles around a Charmander Wait, wrong game.

Ruins: Hall : In this large, spacious area (as in, no good for retaining heat), go to the center and you'll find the remains of a long-dead fire. You decide to light it, since you'll probably spend eternity here or something and that is the most productive thing you can do at the moment. You know, other than that glaring Save Sphere to the southwest. If you head to the eastern door nearby, you'll find it unable to open; however, along a semi-hidden path nearby, you can get an X-Potion . As for the doors to the west?

Ruins: Small Room : Examine the nearby desk to find some Flint . Return into the main Hall and exit off to the north.

Ruins: Stairs : Here, go downstairs a bit to find an Ether , which will be useful for healing your MP waaaay down the road, at least for Tidus's sake. At the top of the stairs, you should be able to find a Withered Bouquet of flowers on the wall to use as tinder for the fire. Continue along and to the next area to find a Hi-Potion before returning.

Ruins: Hall : Go ahead and examine the fire. As your mind gets on food and stuff, some food conveniently walks on by. 'Cause, you know, that's ... Okay, this might be more expected.

Collect these two items to start the fire in the center of the main room.

BOSS - Klikk

The Klikk (I swear, I keep mispelling that) doesn't have much of an offense: mostly a basic physical attack for 75~125 damage or so. Not a lot, but note that it's not percentage-based - gasp it's the first boss in the game you can legitimately lose to! (Sinscales don't count. If you lost to those, you may as well throw your console out the window. Now. Like, literally, stop reading this guide and just throw it.)

Annnyhow.... There's not a lot you can do at this point since you lack access to the Sphere Grid, and even if you had it, you couldn't do anything since this is also the first battle to give you AP. So, you're basically left to Attack to your heart's desire, but keep in mind to use Potions when you hit 150 HP or so.

Halfway through the fight, there will be a scene in which some ..other people arrive. One of them, aptly named "?????" (such a pretty name), will ally you for now. She (yes, she) mostly specialises in Stealing from the enemy, then can use the Grenades she steals to damage them (look under "Special"). Grenades ought to do 200~350 damage around now, so that's nice, even though you have to work through all of the Klikk's HP again. Yup, Tidus's effort was in vain, somehow. Whether you want to use the Grenades is up to you (since they hit all enemies, they'll have better use later on), but be sure to keep your HP up regardless. You can steal more if you want to save some.

Remember to use a Potion when your HP gets low and use Grenades when the stranger appears for a quick end to the fight.

After the scene, there will be a bit of talking in Al Bhed. I can't understand what they're sa-- Oh, that's pretty clear. Never mind.

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