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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 29-05-2019 / 17:50 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 01:28 GMT

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Kilika Woods

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name Notes
Dinonix Weak to Ice
Killer Bee Weak to Ice
Ragora Major weakness to Fire
Yellow Element Weak to Water

As you enter the Woods, you’ll eventually run into a random encounter of some sort. This is supposed to be used to demonstrate Kimahri’s abilities. Through Lancet , Kimahri is able to learn the various enemy attacks (called Ronso Rages in FFX) in the game: he’s like the Blue Mage of this game, or the Enemy Skill materia wielder (ref. FFVII), or the Vampire (ref. Bravely Default). In doing so, he must simply use Lancet: nothing else is needed. So long as that enemy has a wieldable skill, Kimahri will learn it as an Overdrive and his Overdrive gauge will max out. In this particular battle, he’ll learn Seed Cannon from a Ragora.

First go east of the entrance of the area to find two Mana Spheres . Glance at the minimap and go along the first narrow path heading north. This will take you to a Scout , a weapon for Wakka. Head north of the chest to a crossroads. Go north and along to the main central path, then go north and west to find a Luck Sphere . This creates a Luck +4 node on the Sphere Grid. While this is the highest degree of Luck, keep in mind placing it now will require backtracking later on, possibly, since you lack a Fortune Sphere with which to activate it.

Anyways, remember when the guards split up not long ago? Go speak with the woman guard and you’ll get a Remedy . That does it for now so go back close to the entrance of the area, and just to the north, you’ll probably have noticed that big plant thingy? Save and approach it if you dare. (It’s not difficult but fill your Overdrive gauge beforehand) Speak with Luzzu on the way to get four Antidotes , by the way, which can be helpful in the coming fight.

Remember to use Lancet to learn new abilities for Kimahri's Overdrive. Luck Spheres are hard to come by so make sure you pick them up where you can.

BOSS - Lord Ochu

Final Fantasy vets are probably familiar with this type of enemy: it LOVES to status you. Granted, it’s not as bad as the Great Malboro you’ll find later in the game (or SwagPlay Klefkis and Thunduruses in Pokémon), but more on that later. Anyhow, Lord Ochu’s main offensive attack is Water , which hits for about 250 damage. You’ll also see Poison Claw (100 damage), which may also poison the target. There’s finally Earthquake . This attack hits everyone and removes half of their current HP. So it can’t kill you if it just uses that move, but it has other ways to deal with you.

The strategy seems fairly clear, no? Throw Lulu out there for a lot of Fire spells, while Wakka’s Silence Attack will help get rid of the Water. Yuna should be used first for NulTide (in case Silence Attack fails), then in the meantime for healing ailments that pop up. Once Yuna’s duty is done with (when Water is effectively disabled), switch Tidus in for the boosted offense, and out again when healing is needed. Pretty simple.

Once the Lord Ochu falls to around 2,000 HP, it will suddenly fall asleep the next chance it gets: this will induce a bit of a Regen effect on it. Regen continually heals the target’s HP for certain amounts (it’s not technically variable - there’s a formula for it, but it’s WAAAY too complex for most of you), so it would seem that this is bad. Since the boss ends up inducing Sleep on itself in the meantime, you could just strike it to wake it up, right? That could be a bad idea, though - it will counter this with Earthquake, which is nasty!

Earthquake is a very powerful attack so if you choose to wake him, be prepared. Valefor can combat him easily as he avoids Earthquake and a Grand Summon will kill him fast.

So, what do you do? You could have Lulu just use Fire on the Lord Ochu (and others, possbily, if you have the Expert Sphere Grid and opted for some Black Magic) - Magic won’t awaken the Ochu, so that might work, though it could also take a while but if you have Haste, it’s not so bad. You could also take the chance at waking it up and just multi-targeting Yuna’s Cure after, or switch in a decoy group of party members, wake it up, and switch on the next turns.

My preferred route is this, though - have Yuna Summon Valefor! Haven’t you noticed that Valefor is, y’know, flying? That kinda means an earthquake (or Earthquake) won’t hurt it! Sonic Wings also should delay the boss a little, so continual usage of that works nicely. Valefor also should have Fire, so that works, or you can simply unSummon him once the Earthquake is evaded.

After the battle, speak with the nearby Luzzu (the red-head) for an Elixir . Nice! You can also speak to one of the nearby female soldiers to grab a Hi-Potion . Not as nice, but it’s not that bad, either. Also speak with the woman who gave you the Remedy earlier for a NulBlaze Shield . Neat.

Continue south from where the battle was fought and use the Save Sphere, then go far to the north and east and along to the stone stairs towards the temple. On the way, a scene will play.

BOSS - Sinspawn Geneaux

Something has always creeped me out about this boss since I was young.

Anyhow, there are three main units on the field: the main body of the Sinspawn, and two Tentacles. The Tentacles’ main role is to automatically absorb ANY magic that is cast, so look out for this. Geneaux relies on several attacks. While in the shell, it only does Sigh (magic damage on all) every two turns. After, it will use Water , Staccato (hits all), and Venom (may poison; hits the highest-HP character), which gets pretty nasty. The Tentacles, other than their magic absorption, will rely on a basic physical. Each attack from either usually hits for 100~125 damage, so it can get nasty with three enemies on the field.

First things first. You’ll want to get three big physical units - as in, Wakka, Tidus, and Kimahri - to start wailing on the Tentacles. Without them, Geneaux will no longer absorb magic and, since the shell is considered "Armored" (you’ll learn more about that after Luca), it will then be finally vulnerable. The Tentacles shouldn’t take long to go down, so long as you focus your efforts on a single one at a time. Using Cheer may also help that.

Kill the tentacles first and once the shell is open, be very careful of Venom. Keep using your strongest attacks to bring it down.

Once that’s over with, switch in Yuna to have her Summon Valefor: Valefor should have the strongest Fire of the group, but if you can’t use him (or don’t want to), you can always use Lulu. Additionally, if Kimahri has the Hunter’s Spear (or another Piercing-abiltiy weapon), he can help attack the main shell, too, since Piercing ignores the Armored nature of enemies. Around the time the Sinspawn hits 2,400 HP, it will burst out of the shell, revealing the much-uglier main body. Get rid of Valefor if you’re using him, then switch the main offense to Lulu, Tidus, and Yuna: Yuna for healing the inevitably high damage, Lulu for the Fire weakness, and Tidus to cut stuff up. (As a note, you may want Yuna to lead with NulTide, as Water can get pretty bad. Or you can try to get Wakka to Silence Attack him.)

After the battle, continue along the path upstairs towards the temple. Approach the internal parts of the temple after a scene, then save the game within the temple. Pray with Wakka, then go north into the Cloister.

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