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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 29-05-2020 / 12:42 GMT

Final Fantasy X HD Guide

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Macalania Woods

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name Notes
Blue Element Weak to Lightning
Chimera Strong, three heads use three different elements
Iguion Weak to Ice
Monster Name Notes
Murrusu Weak to Fire, Lightning
Xiphos No weaknesses
Wasp Weak to Ice

South Woods : For now, the path to your east upon entrance here will be blocked, as well as a more hidden one to the east. You'll see uses of both later in the game (a shortcut to Bevelle and the Celestial Weapons' quest, respectively). For now, save and head north some. As you go up the incline along the linear path, you'll find a semi-hidden chest as you turn for the second time; the chest contains a Sleepy Cait Sith for Lulu. Continue further along and open the chest at the bottom of the path for 2,000 Gil , then go northeast to another area.

Central Woods : A pretty simple-to-navigate path again. As you go along it, you'll find a chest in the northeastern area containing three Phoenix Downs just before descending. Continue to the bottom and you'll find someone that will let you play some kind of butterfly minigame. Basically, the goal is to touch several multicolor butterflies in a limited time: you want the blue ones, but not the red ones. It's a pretty easy game, to be honest. In any case, it's a pretty pointless effort at this time; closer to the end-game, though, you can get a critical part to Kimahri's Celestial Weapon. Go east to the next area when you're done.

Kimahri can learn Aqua Breath of the Chimera. The Butterfly Hunt is best left till you have "no encounters" and then you can go for a part of Kimahri's Celestial Weapon.

North Woods : As you go up the next incline, veer off to behind the tree to find a Remedy chest, then simply go along the linear path to the next area. Again, nothing special.

Lake Road : As you arrive, save and speak with O'aka. The MOMENT you speak with him, leave his shop and tell him his items are too expensive to lower their cost by 25%. Since we're here, the Blue Armlet and White Bangle are relatively decent purchases for our next elemental-focused boss, and Sonic Steel is always great due to the rare First Strike ability. What a shame we can't Customize anything else onto it, though. Anyhow, get the whitish thing ( Al Bhed Primer Vol. XV ) off the ground to the southeast, then go north. After a scene, go north and approach Yuna to start up a boss battle.

BOSS - Spherimorph

BOSS ANALYSIS : Spherimorph has a few attacks that can be pretty nasty. It can use the four basic elemental spells - Fire, Water, Thunder, and Blizzard - each hitting for usually around 400 damage. They're mostly used as counterattacks, though. Other than that, it can use a basic physical (300~500) and Press . Press is a truly nasty attack: it will cut off 50% of your current HP. Granted, we've fought worse, and it won't kill you, but that's a lot when it basically puts you within a 2 Hit KO range, right?

What makes this boss more interesting than most is Elemental Shift . Elemental Shift is used to change the boss's elemental affinities. Basically, it is weak to one element and absorbs the remaining three. Basically, that means you must be spot-on with the affinities and be flexible or you will be healing the boss rather than kicking its Jell-O butt. Shift will be used each time you hit it with the element it is weak to, and there is a random chance of any four elements being the one it changes into.

MAIN STRATEGY : A bit of set-up is always nice: you'll want Yuna to start throwing on the Nul-Element spells pretty quickly and throughout the battle; while they won't protect you from the main hazard that is Press, Press also can't kill. If by some miracle you have a Bomb Fragment, Bomb Core, Fire Gem, or their equivalents in other elements (those are Fire), you can have Rikku Mix one of them with a Hi-Potion to put NulAll on the party, which is the same thing as NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide, and NulFrost, all in one, but they still only last the same duration (i.e. NulBlaze goes away when hit with Fire). It's probably best to save that for a pinch.

Another good set-up would likely include the use of Haste, Shell, and Focus , and to have Power Break be placed on Spherimorph: that will halve Press's damage to 25% of the current HP. You can also throw up Magic Break to further weaken the Magic counters.

The boss will Elemental Shift to change which element it is weak to. To test out which element it is using, attack it with a non-elemental attack and then use the opposite of the element it attacks with.

Eventually, you'll have to put up an offense. Have someone Attack the boss with a non-elemental weapon (or, if you have to, a weak elemental weapon). The boss will counter with some spell after the Attack. This spell will be the boss's current element, and the opposite of the element is what you should attack with.

Have Lulu (or whoever has your best Magic stat) use the appropriate "-ra" spell to attack back. The boss will change element. Have your "bait" attacker attack, have Yuna heal him or restore a missing Nul-Element, and then Lulu attack once the proper spell is found. Loop from there, pretty much.

ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY (POISON) : There's another more passive strategy you can use, so long as you can Poison the boss (Bio spell, Poisontouch/Poisonstrike abilities, and a few other less-common ways). Basically, the boss is rather resistant to Poison; the odds of it hitting are about 1 in 10, which is kind of hard to inflict when only one person's doing the work. That said, you ought to be able to have Lulu using Bio at this point, since it's not much further away than her "-ra" spells. Once Poison is eventually instilled, the Spherimorph will lose 5% of its max HP (600 HP) per turn it takes, leaving you to live out 20 turns. If you can live out twenty turns on simply healing, that will do well - hell, you can Haste the boss to make things go faster! XD Other methods for instilling Poison include the Poison Fang item for the most part as well. Just saying.

After the battle, you'll get one of Jecht's Spheres and Auron's Shooting Star Overdrive! Leave to the previous area and save, then go northwest an area.

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