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Final Fantasy X HD
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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 29-05-2019 / 17:50 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 01:29 GMT

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Cloister of Trials: Macalania

Easily the most annoying of the Cloisters (yes, I include Bevelle), and the only one in which you already have the Summon from the Fayth before doing it. Your task is to rebuild the bridge leading out of the Cloister.

Anyhow, head down the ramp to the middle of the three floors. (There’s the bridge above and a basement below.) Take the Glyph Sphere from the central of the three pillars and put it on the pedestal nearby. Push the pedestal eastward to a block of ice that it will break. After, push the pedestal north onto the ramp to the lower floor. Go down to the lower floor now and take the Glyph Sphere , then go west and put the Sphere into the left of the two slots. Go back up the ramp and go to the point below where you arrived. Take the Macalania Sphere from there and place it onto the pedestal on the floor below. Slide the pedestal eastward and one segment of the path will be permanently completed (as we’ve no need to manipulate it further).

Push the pedestal into the ice over to the right. Afterwards, take the Macalania Sphere from up top and place it over to the west to raise a platform above.

Go back up and grab the Macalania Sphere from the eastern slot, then go down the ramp. Place it on the western pillar, then go back to the top of the ramp and remove the Sphere. The ramp disappears as a result. Put the taken Sphere on the central pillar next (where the Glyph Sphere was) to complete the remainder of the walkway.

There’s a bit more to be done before we leave (if you want the treasure anyhow). Go up the ramp you came in from and step on the glowing panel at the top. Take the Macalania Sphere from the reappearing pedestal and push it down the slide. Place the Macalania Sphere into the slot below the entrance ramp, then the Macalania Sphere from the central pillar into the basement-ramp slot. Go to the lower-left and examine the flashing glyph, then take the Destruction Sphere . Take it downstairs and put it on the rightmost of the left two slots; this reveals a chest with a Luck Sphere .

Step on the switch up top for a new pedestal. Push it down the ramp to get the Destruction Sphere. Place that underneath and collect your treasure.

Take the Macalania Sphere from the entrance ramp and put it into the far eastern slot, then push the pedestal east into the ice block, then north and downstairs. Place the basement’s Macalania Sphere on it, then push it east to fill a pillar. Ascend to the middle floor and take the Macalania Sphere next to the ramp you just used and put it into the middle pillar; this should recreate the upper walkway. Head up and leave. Yay!

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