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Final Fantasy X HD
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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 29-05-2019 / 17:50 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 19-10-2019 / 23:08 GMT

Final Fantasy X HD Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Mount Gagazet

Climbing Mount Gagazet

Monster Name Notes
Achelous Weak to Lightning
Ahriman No weaknesses
Bandersnatch Weak to Fire
Bashura Weak to Fire
Grat Weak to Fire
Monster Name Notes
Grenade Weak to Ice
Grendel No weaknesses
Mandragora Weak to Fire, strong
Mech Defender Weak to Lightning, Steal
Mech Leader Weak to Lightning, Steal
Nidhogg Weak to Ice

Mountain Gate : As you arrive at the snow-covered (and Ronso-covered) Mt. Gagazet, go along the path before you. Watch the scene as you reach the clearing, then save and continue along the path to meet some ol’ buddies.

BOSS - Biran and Yenke Ronso

As a brief note, take care as Biran has double Yenke’s Strength, and Yenke has double Biran’s Magic. They’re both capable of using a variety of Ronso Rages, so be SURE to Lancet each guy a few times for free HP/MP and, in another sense, free Overdrives. Biran can use Thunder, Blizzard, and Berserk magic, nothing special. His Rages consist of Bulldoze (single target) and Mighty Guard (NulAll, Protect, Shell). Biran can also be Lanceted for the Doom , Thrust Kick , and Self-Destruct Rages. Yenke uses Haste, but then it’s just Rages - Fire Breath (fire to all), Bulldoze (single target), Aqua Breath (water to all), and White Wind (heals party for HP equal to the user’s). He also should have a Stone Breath Rage, although he doesn’t ever use the move (thank Yevon).

They have a set patthern of moves, too! Biran uses Thunder, Bulldoze, Blizzard, Bulldoze, and loops. Yenke uses Fire Breath, Bulldoze, Aqua Breath, Bulldoze, and loops. At under 25% HP, Biran will cast Mighty Guard, and Yenke will use White Wind; that’s the only time they’ll use them. Once their partner is dead, Biran uses Berserk (so he just Attacks) while Yenke uses Haste. If you use Mug/Steal you can nab an additional LV 3. Key Sphere from each of the Ronsos.

Bulldoze is quite powerful and they will employ it to attack from both sides. You can regularly steal Lv 3 Key Spheres to your heart's content as well.

The strategy is pretty simple, though I do find it odd how they force Biran and Yenke to be weaker when Kimahri is. It’s like Square expected you to not use Kimahri at all. Anyhow, you’ll be fighting with just Kimahri. For the most part, you’ll want to open your offense with Lancet and Overdrives, especially Mighty Guard if you can get it (thus, start on Biran). When it comes to using the Overdrives you Lancet, remember you don’t have to use the Lanceted one (and don’t use Self-Destruct or you’ll have a Game Over). Use whatever you want, and especially go for the Breaths when the enemies are together.

Overall, it’s a pretty easy battle. Keep in mind these two are suspectible to the Doom Rage, which kills in 20 turns here. It’s a while, but it’s something to do if you’re at a lower level and having trouble breaking those relatively high Defenses.

Make sure to Lancet both Ronsos as they have a ton of abilities. Towards the end, they will employ White Wind and Mighty Guard.

Speak with one of the Ronso nearby for a shop if you want, Save at the Save Sphere, then continue north an area.

Mountain Trail : As you go along the linear trail, stick to the right side for a bit and you’ll eventually hit a ramp to the stone part of the path; you can go to the end to find a 20,000-Gil chest! Go to the west side for another scene, then go to the northwest and behind some rocks (you should see a small path on the minimap) to find a semi-visible chest for two Mega-Potions . Continue along the linear path for a while.

Eventually, you’ll come to an "A"-shaped fork (without the middle line in the "A"); go northwest along the thin path to find Braska’s Sphere at the end. This should be able to get Auron Banishing Blade if you’ve gotten every sphere up to this point, too! Go south and along the ever-linear path. At the stone object, examine it for a scene if you desire, then go west from it along the roundabout path to a Defending Brace r. Go northeast next and speak with Wantz, who’s basically taking O’aka’s place for now. (Good, his voice kinda annoyed me.) From him, you’ll definitely want to buy Lulu’s Booster Cactuar (if you can afford it: it literally more than doubles magic damage) and Rikku’s Survivor (again, if you can: Alchemy is awesome); they’re quite useful, clearly. You may also want the Blessed Ring and Bracer since the next fight has some Zombies to contend with, though you should be able to also just buy Holy Waters and customize Zombie Ward/Proof onto your armor.

You can find the Braska's Sphere in this corner. Then pick up the Defending Bracer around the next little path off the beaten track.

Shopping spree aside, go past Wantz along the path for a bit. Look at the minimap as you continue andyou should see a hook-like path to the south; run along it for a Lv. 4 Key Sphere and an HP Sphere. Return to the main path and continue west to the gravestone. Examine it if you want, then contniue along the path to the Save Sphere. SAVE RIGHT NOW - quite possibly the hardest boss of the game is dead ahead!! Continue along and…

BOSS - Seymour Flux

BOSS ANALYSES : Yet again, these two will attack in a specific order, depending on Seymour’s HP.

70,000 - 52,500 HP :

  • Seymour: **Lance of Atrophy** . This does some 500~600 damage and induces **Zombie** . Heal the status ASAP.
  • Mortiorchis: **Full-Life** . This will target a Zombie, and will kill them without Reflect on them. In theory, you could kill the Zombie first and then have then be Full-Lifed to full HP, but it is pure theory.
  • Seymour: Lance of Atrophy. Same as before.
  • Mortiorchis: Full-Life. Same as before.
  • Seymour: **Dispel** . Probably to get rid of Reflect, but also removes good statuses. Nothing you can do about it.
  • Mortiorchis: **Cross Cleave** . It hits everyone for 1,500~2,500 damage, so that's bad, especially if you have Zombie on ... Uh-oh.
  • Loop from here.
  • If one of them gets two consecutive turns (when considering the enemy party only), the second turn will have nothing occur.

You can Mug nice things off Seymour. Watch out for Lance of Atrophy as it causes Zombie and Seymour will immediately use Full-Life on a character.

52,500 - 35,000 HP :

  • Seymour will open with Protect. Only time he uses it, and it halves physical damage. Dispel it.
  • Loop of the previous phase - the only difference was Protect, which is only used after crossing 52,500 HP.
  • If one of them gets two consecutive turns (when considering the enemy party only), the second turn will have nothing occur.
**35,000 - 0 HP** :
  • Seymour: Reflect. You'll get why in a moment.
  • Mortiorchis: Triggers " **Auto-Attack mode** ". Does nothing but signify the coming of Total Annihilation.
  • Seymour: **Flare** on himself; expect ~2,500 damage from this. Since he is Reflected, it bounces off to you ... unless you Dispel!
  • Mortiorchis: "Ready to annihilate"
  • Seymour: "Watches ... and waits"
  • Mortiorchis: **Total Annihilation** . It is a single attack to all, then 6~8 random-target hits, then another attack to all. Expect easily 3,500+ magical damage from this; be sure to Shell beforehand!
  • Seymour: Self-Flare again.
  • Mortiorchis: "Ready to annihilate"
  • Seymour: Reflect if you Dispelled it; otherwise "Watches ... and waits"
  • Mortiorchis: Total Annihilation again
  • It loops from the previous Self-Flare after this point.
  • If one of them gets two consecutive turns (when considering the enemy party only), the second turn will have nothing occur.

When you see "Auto-attack Mode" beware! You will want to kill Seymour before he can use Total Annihilation. Flare is incredibly powerful too.

MAIN STRATEGY : So, yeah, welcome to FFX hell. By far the hardest regular boss of the game, even exceeding some of the Monster Arena in difficulty (I’m NOT kidding), Seymour is a major threat that you will likely lose against at least once. When you begin, you’ll want to open up with a lot of support. Kimahri should be in for Mighty Guard (or have Rikku Mix a Distiller and a Curtain for Mighty G - same thing). Tidus needs to dole out some Hastega as well while Yuna works on Reflect.

After this, switch out Kimahri/Rikku for Auron and Yuna for Rikku. Auron is great at maintaining an offense, while Rikku - especially with the Survivor weapon with Alchemy you could’ve gotten from Wantz (doubles items’ effectiveness) - can heal through the Reflect via Al Bhed Potions. She’ll serve as the main healer for this fight, using Phoenix Downs (KO), Holy Waters (Zombie), or the like. Unless you beat the first two phases in record time, be sure to switch her out regularly for Yuna to induce more Reflect. Reflect, in case you can’t tell, is used to bounce back that annoying Full-Life; we have to heal through that with Al Bhed Potions, but first go for healing. And, since that turn healing Zombie is … well, a turn, that’s why I recommended getting Zombie Ward/Proof armors earlier.

Anyhow, offense. Initially, swap out Tidus for Wakka just after the Hastega, who ought to have Silence Buster by now. Seymour is suspectible to Silence , though only at a 50% rate - once Seymour is Silenced, Dispel goes away. Flare also may, but we’ll worry about that later. Have Tidus back in and start him and Auron whacking at Seymour while Rikku heals what’s needed or is swapped for Yuna to reinstill Reflect (if you didn’t get Silence in before it). Keep a track of what the enemies do; you CAN predict when the deadly Cross Cleave will come, and you can thusly Defend before it, reducing the damage to 1/4 (with Mighty G in effect), which is closer to 400~750.

Keep this up through the second phase; just be sure to make Yuna Dispel his Protect when it arrives.

After crossing 50% HP, we get some trouble. If Silence is still not there, Seymour will Reflect himself, then begin bouncing Flare off himself to deal with any Reflect you may have. Whoever gets the first turn between Reflect and Flare, whatever the situation, needs to swap out for Yuna to use Dispel on him; he’ll hit himself with Flare! Be sure to keep out your Mighty G’d party after this, though, or at least a Shelled one - eventually, Total Annihilation will occur, and that’ll be heavy, easily 1,750+ under Shell (and approaching 4,000 without). You, in theory, could send out an Aeon as cannon fodder for it if you’re worried; they’ll go away the next turn anyway but whatever.

Just keep getting rid of his Reflect and attacking when you can and eventually he’ll go down…

Make good use of Dispel for both Protect and Reflect in this fight. Finally, aeons are always very useful, particularly Bahamut's Megaflare.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY - POISON : Yup, it looks like Seymour still has the possibility to be poisoned. The odds of it here are about 10%, though - it would be best to induce it with Bio Fury from Lulu, but otherwise you will have to run with Poisontouch/strike weaponry or Poison Fangs. Eventually, he WILL be poisoned; the Poison removes 2% of his HP (1,400) each turn, meaning he’ll die in 50 turns. For that time, throw up a passive offense - in other words, just heal everyone, throw up self-buffs, et cetera. It will be a bit difficult to deal with, though, since you’ll be dealing with the Lance of Atrophy/Full-Life combo the whole time (so long as you do not attack him - it’s better than Flare/Total Annihilation).

ALTERNATE STRATEGY - AEON OVERDRIVES : This strategy is not that effective, mind you. It’s mostly good for those who have no problem with the Lance/Full-Life combo, but have trouble with Total Annihilation. You probably only have five Aeons (Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut) at this point. Even if you hit the damage cap on each, you’d only eliminate 60,995 HP, and that’s assuming you kill Mortiorchis each time - and you only have that one turn, so you have to make it count. However, then again, think about it - the opening half of the battle is relatively easy. If you can manage to get Seymour down to below 50,000 HP or so (or preferably just above 35,000 to avoid Total Annihilation totally), you have a legitimate shot at using five Overdrives in a row and winning outright.

How does this work? Simply build up your Aeon’s Overdrives before the fight and fight as you would normally through the first half. Around 35,000 HP or the time the Mortiorchis opens auto-attack mode, bring out Yuna and start Summoning each Aeon sequentially (and in descending order of power, for the sake of effectiveness), having each use their Overdrive before being Banished. Hopefully, you’ll win. 35,000 HP is definitely within the range of five Aeons’ Overdrives, after all, each having to only hit for about 5,000 damage, and that’s not including the damage Mortiorchis does to Seymour to heal itself upon its death.

Congratulations on beating that boss. Here’s a cookie.

Anyhow, after the scene, continue around the precipice to the other side. As you go down the pillared path, grab the Saturn Crest from behind one of them, then continue on

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