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Final Fantasy X HD
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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 29-05-2019 / 17:50 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-09-2019 / 23:14 GMT

Final Fantasy X HD Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Mushroom Rock

To The Crusader Base

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name Notes
Funguar Weak to Fire
Ganderwa Weak to Water
Garuda Massive flying beast, powerful
Lamashtu Weak to Fire
Monster Name Notes
Raptor Weak to Ice
Red Element Weak to Ice
Thunder Flan Weak to Water

Mushroom Rock : When you arrive, go along the path and speak with the stationary guard to grab a Hi-Potion , and then to the one running around for an Ether . Further along, you’ll meet up with Clasko, one of the Crusaders (as you ought to know), who will tell you where to to. Go northwest and speak with O’aka for some items if you want ( Icestrike in particular can be useful). Also save and speak with the person near the Sphere for a Hi-Potion . After, go further along the path and onto the circular metal thingy in the gronud. You’ll rise up and hit…

Valley : This area, while winding and linear (not to mention holding part of Rikku’s ultimate weapon down below), is pretty simple. When you reach the treasure chest, speak with the person next to it for ten Potions , then open the chest for 1,000 Gil . Go west and further along the main path; as you next turn north, open the chest for a Remedy , then just continue more and more along the path. As you go under the northwestern overhang, grab the Hi-Potion from the chest below, then continue on to the metal panel and the mystic elevator.

Precipice : Speak with the man nearby for an X-Potion , then head northeast. As you do, you’ll spot out a path to the west; go along it and use the elevator to reach a Serene Armlet . Go back up and run-for-fun along some more of the path. Eventually, you’ll see another path leading off to the west. Follow this curving path to find Al Bhed Primer Vol. X on the ground. Return to the main path and continue along to the elevator. Go ahead and use the Save Sphere, then speak with the soldier for a Mega-Potion . Go south for a scene, then go on up the elevator.

Look for green spots on the map. These are elevators and lead to items. The Primer is obtained by following a thin path around before one of the last elevators leading up to the Command Center.

Plateau : Go south for a brief scene, then northeast to the main command center. (As a note, be sure to backtrack from where the scene with Wakka and the machina occurred at the very entrance of Mushroom Rock. You can encounter a guard who will give you a Tough Bangle for Lulu, amazingly useful with the HP +20% ability!)

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