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Final Fantasy X-2
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Author(s): Damir Kolar
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 23-08-2019 / 13:56 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 18-09-2019 / 23:01 GMT

Final Fantasy X-2 Guide

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Creature Buildup

Item-Based Augmentation

By feeding your Creatures certain quantities of certain items, they in turn will be able to learn new abilities or use skills or the like.

Item Amount Skill Effect
Antarctic Wind 3 Blizzard Small Ice-elemental magic damage
Antidote 99 Bio Poisons the target
Arctic Wind 4 Blizzara Moderate Ice-elemental magic damage
Blessed Gem 40 Holy High Holy-elemental magic damage
Bomb Core 4 Fira Moderate Fire-elemental magic damage
Bomb Fragment 3 Fire Small Fire-elemental magic damage
Budget Grenade 5 Assault Berserk Shell Protect & Hastes party
Echo Screen 99 Silence Silences the target
Electro Marble 3 Thunder Small Lightning-elemental magic damage
Item Amount Skill Effect
Elixir 1 Clean Slate Restores 1/4 of max HP and cures Darkness, Poison, Silence, Pointless, Curse, and Slow
Elixir 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +5
Ether 2 Magicide Unblockable damage to the target's MP
Ether 2 [Stat Change] Max MP +1
Eye Drops 99 Blind Inflicts Darkness on the target
Farplane Shadow 5 Death Instantly kills the target
Fire Gem 5 Firaga High Fire-elemental magic damage
Fish Scale 3 Water Small Water-elemental magic damage
Gold Hourglass 8 Delay Attack Physically damages and Delays the target
Grenade 10 Confuse Confuses the target
Item Amount Skill Effect
Gysahl Green 1 Strength Up Raises Strength
Healing Spring 3 Regen Induces Regen
Hero Drink 1 Critical Guarantees critical hits
Hi-Potion 33 Cura Moderate HP restoration
Hi-Potion 33 [Stat Change] Max HP +2
Holy Water 30 Dismissal Damages the target & nullifies their action
Ice Gem 5 Blizzaga High Ice-elemental magic damage
Item Amount Skill Effect
L-Bomb 10 Fireworks Physical damage to all enemies; ignores Defense
Light Curtain 3 Protect Induces Protect
Lightning Gem 5 Thundaga High Lightning-elemental magic damage
Lightning Marble 4 Thundara Moderate Lightning-elemental magic damage
Lunar Curtain 3 Shell Induces Shell
Item Amount Skill Effect
M-Bomb 10 Sparkler Damages the target physically; ignores Defense
Mana Spring 5 MP Absorb Same as Osmose: damages the target's MP and uses it to refill your own
Mana Tablet 1 [Stat Change] Max MP +5
Mana Tonic 1 [Stat Change] Max MP +20
Mega Phoenix 3 Full-Life Fully revives the target from KO, with full HP (up to 9,999 without Break Damage Limit)
Mega Phoenix 3 [Stat Change] Max HP +3
Mega-Potion 3 White Wind Restores 3/8 of the party's max HP
Mega-Potion 3 [Stat Change] Max HP +10
Item Amount Skill Effect
Megalixir 1 Full-Cure Fully restores the target's HP (up to 9,999 without Break Damage Limit)
Megalixir 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +20
Mimett Greens 1 Magic Up Boosts Magic
Pahsana Greens 1 Berserk Berserks the target; also applies a Strength +1/12 boost
Phoenix Down 3 Life Revives the target from KO with 1/4 HP
Phoenix Down 3 [Stat Change] Max HP +1
Poison Fang 3 Envenom Physically damages and poisons the target
Potion 48 Cure Small HP restoration
Potion 48 [Stat Change] Max HP +1
Item Amount Skill Effect
Remedy 3 Esuna Cures all ailments except Doom and KO
S-Bomb 10 Fingersnap Physical damage and the nullification of the target's stat buffs and debuffs
Shadow Gem 10 Demi Removes 1/4 of the targets' current HP
Shining Gem 40 Flare Extreme non-elemental magic damage
Silence Grenade 10 Unhinge Damages and Slows the target
Silver Hourglass 3 Slow Slows the target, halving their Agility
Sleep Grenade 10 Sleep Puts the target to Sleep
Soft 99 Break Petrifies the target
Soul Spring 3 Absorb Damages the target's HP and MP, and uses it to cure that of the user's
Stamina Spring 5 Drain Damages the target's HP magically and uses it to cure that of the user
Item Amount Skill Effect
Stamina Tablet 8 Howl Doubles the user's max HP, up to 9,999 without Break HP Limit
Stamina Tonic 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +20
Star Curtain 3 Reflect Induces Reflect
Supreme Gem 60 Ultima Extreme non-elemental magic damage to all
Sylkis Greens 1 Defense Up Boosts defense
Item Amount Skill Effect
Three Stars 8 1 MP Cost Anything that consumes MP, no matter the amount, consumes 1 MP
Turbo Ether 3 Vigor Heals the user's HP equal to 1/2 of their maximum HP
Turbo Ether 3 [Stat Change] Max MP +3
Twin Stars 1 SOS Spellspring The user consumes no MP under 1/3 HP
Water Gem 5 Waterga High Water-elemental magic damage
X-Potion 3 Curaga High HP restoration
X-Potion 3 [Stat Change] Max HP +10

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