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Final Fantasy X-2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 23-08-2019 / 13:56 GMT
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Final Fantasy X-2 Guide

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Trophy Guide

Story-Related Trophies

WARNING: This section contains story spoilers and gameplay spoilers. We strongly suggest that you do not read on until you have finished the story.

Unmissable Trophies

Trophy Details
Defeating an Old Friend Defeat Bahamut
Dousing the Fire Defeat Zalamander
Machine of War Defeat Vegnagun
Zeroed Out Defeat YSLS-Zero

Good Listener


You must speak to Maechen at every opportunity you get and listen to his whole story. Do not skip any dialogue or the scene. Just do not press any button during his story. Maechen can be encountered in the following locations:

  • Youth League HQ at Mushroom Rock Road in Chapter 1
  • Logos' Room in Guadosalam in Chapter 3
  • Celsius' Bridge after the concert in Chapter 4
  • Zanarkand Ruins in Chapter 5



In Chapter 1 or 2, enter Lake Macalania, and when the Al Bhed are outside the agency looking for O’aka, speak to him when he appears and follow him into the Macalania Woods. Complete the Follow that O’aka! by locating O’aka in the area two screens north of the spring where Yuna and Tidus had their romance scene near the Calm Lands. Let O’aka onboard the Celsius, and you can begin paying off his 100,000 gil debt by purchasing his items.

The easiest way to make 100,000 gil is to enter Guadosalam in Chapter 2 with at least 10,000 gil. Save first, enter the inn, and buy data from the innkeeper. If his hint is not "It’s the last person you’d expect", then reload until he says it. Once he does, sell the data back to him for 100,000 gil. You can then use this gil to pay off O’aka’s debt. Once the debt is paid off, this trophy will unlock.

Complete Episode


Simply get an Episode Complete in Chapter 5 and this trophy will unlock. If you have been following our walkthrough, you should be able to get Episode Complete at every location in Chapter 5.

Treasure Hunter


The Ribbon can be obtained in the Bevelle Underground starting at the end of Chapter 2 during the Infiltrate Bevelle mission. It is located relatively early in the dungeon, and can be acquired in the room with the security towers after aligning the first three platforms to reveal the path forward. Once the first three platforms are aligned, it is a matter of aligning the next three platforms to form a downward spiral and create a path down to the room with the Ribbon.

There are six towers in this room, three blue towers and three red towers. The red towers are used to select a certain platform to move, and the blue towers are used to move that platform either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Starting from the first red tower where you fight Precepts Guard, going in a counter-clockwise direction, the towers are identified as follows:

  1. Tower 1. Advance the selected plate clockwise one step. You will battle Precepts Guard.

  2. Tower 2. Select the sixth (bottom-most) platform.

  3. Tower 3. Advance the selected plate counter-clockwise one step. You will battle Georapella.

  4. Tower 4. Select the fifth platform.

  5. Tower 5. Advance a plate three spots.

  6. Tower 6. Select the fourth plate.

Using these controls, you should be able to create a downward spiral path using the platforms, enter the room at the very bottom, and obtain the Ribbon. If you have not touched any towers after aligning the first three platforms, follow these instructions to easily open the path to the Ribbon:

  1. Activate tower 6 to select the fourth plate.

  2. Activate tower 1 four times to move the fourth plate four times clockwise.

  3. Activate tower 2 to select the sixth platform.

  4. Activate tower 1 two times to move the sixth plate two times clockwise.

  5. Activate tower 4 to select the fifth platform.

  6. Activate tower 5 one time to move the fifth platform three places.

Once the downward spiral path is in place, make your way down to collect your Ribbon, and the trophy will unlock. If you are unable to obtain the Ribbon in Chapter 2, Bevelle Underground can be returned to at the end of Chapter 3 after Kilika Temple, and in Chapter 5.

Dancing Queen


Magical Dances, Vol. II is a key item that allows the Songstress to learn the Magical Masque ability. This item is a drop from Experiment in Djose Temple once you have levelled it up to its maximum level in Chapter 5.

To level up Experiment, you must dig up parts in Bikanel Island until you amass enough points to level it up. In order to dig, you must receive a digging license from Gippal at Djose Temple in Chapters 1 or 2, then make your way to Bikanel Island and begin digging. Attack, Defense and Special parts can be dug up in Bikanel at the yellow X marks, and it is seemingly random which parts you will dig up. The point is to dig up Assembly parts for Experiment’s Attack, Defense and Special stats, and the more parts you dig up, the more it will level up. You can dig up A, S or Z Assembly parts in Bikanel, with A parts worth 1 point, S parts worth 3 points, and Z parts worth 5 points. For example, a Special Assembly S part will add 3 points to Experiment’s Special stat. Once a stat reaches 38 points, it has reached level 5. When Experiment’s Attack, Defense and Special stats are all at level 5, defeat the Experiment at Djose and win Magical Dances, Vol. II.

Warning: The Experiment must be faced at least once before it reaches its maximum level in order to get as much story completion percentage as possible. If Experiment is at its maximum levels the first time you battle it, you will miss out on some story completion, and you will not be able to get Sweet Perfection in your current playthrough.

Sweet Perfection


This trophy will unlock the moment you reach 100% story completion. It is possible to get this trophy in one playthrough. This trophy will unlock the moment you reach 100% completion. It is not required that you can only beat the game with 100% completion.

Last Mission / Iutycyr Tower

Iutycyr Tower Trophies Type Missable?
Just Starting Bronze No
Still A Ways Bronze No
Midway Through Bronze No
Almost There Bronze No
Giant Tower Gold No
Tonberry's Treasure Silver Yes

Last Mission is a roguelike sequel to the main game, and thus its gameplay is radically different from its predecessor. Your goal in Last Mission is to climb all eighty floors of the Iutycur Tower and make it to the top. The girls enter the tower with no items and only their default dresspheres, and you must use the items and dresspheres that you find on each randomly generated floor in order to battle and make your way to the top. There are seals on the elevators that must be broken every five floors, and boss battles every twenty floors. For tips and information on how to break the elevator seals, refer to the Last Mission / Iutycyr Tower section of the Main Walkthrough.

Tonberrys Treasure


This trophy can be unlocked once you reach the 61st floor, and will require three Find Secret Room folios. Two Save Memos are also recommended. Once you defeat Omega Weapon on the 60th floor, save when you ascend to the 61st floor. Use a Find Secret Room folio until you find a room with stone pillars in a circle. If you do not, reload and try again. Destroy the pillar in the middle and exit the secret room. Use a Save Memo to save, and repeat the process again until you find a secret room with pillars in the shape of an X. Destroy the middle one, use a Save Memo to save, and repeat the process until you find a secret room with pillars in the shape of a triangle. Once you destroy the middle pillar, the path to the secret Tonberry room will open, where you must face four Mega Tonberries and one normal Tonberry. To make the battle much easier, cast Doom (a Dark Knight ability) on the Mega Tonberries and wait it out. The counter begins at 45, so having Hope: A Memoir folios for Auto-Life may be helpful.

Once you have defeated all the Tonberries, pick up the prize that spawns, and this trophy will unlock.

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