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Final Fantasy X-2
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Author(s): Damir Kolar
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 23-08-2019 / 13:56 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 17-09-2019 / 03:23 GMT

Final Fantasy X-2 Guide

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Chapter 3


Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Assassin Bee Weakness to Fire, Flying
Chocobo None
Daeva Weakness to Holy
Haunt Holy + Variable weaknesses
Ironside High HP, strong
League Mage * None
League Ranger * None
League Warrior * None

Note (*): These enemies are only fought if you gave the Awesome Sphere in Chapter 2 to the Youth League

Enemy Name Notes
Pairika Weakness to Fire/Holy
Queen Coeurl None
Watcher-A None
Watcher-R None
Watcher-S None
Yevon's Finest None
Yevon Striker None

Our next stop on your Dark Aeon-slaying quest will be Kilika. When you visit there, be sure to go back through the docks and the residential area as in Chapter 1 to find most of the treasure; the chests are in the same places as last time, just refilled. Be sure to NOT speak with Dona on the way, though be sure to climb the stairs in her house to get one of the chests.

There’s also an easy minigame to play. In the southeast corner of the Docks, you can speak with a woman and play a monkey-hunting game where you can go through the forest and, well, find 13 monkeys. They’re easy enough to spot, so it’s not difficult; finding them all nets you a Chaos Maelstrom Garment Grid . (Keep in mind that we didn’t do this until after the mission here, so you may have to wait until you’re done here.)

Once you’re done, save the game and speak with Dona and tell her " You bet I am! " to start up a minigame. Essentially, you need to get through the north-Kilika gates while Dona distracts the guards. The gate will open, you then run for it (X Button), though be sure to avoid doing so when the guard is looking at the gate. If you get through unnoticed, you’ll get a Bushido Lore accessory in a chest that appears.

If you found the 13 Squatter Monkeys, return to this woman for a reward (left). When the gate opens (right), wait for the guard with Dona to turn to face her and run for it!

In Kilika Forest, you’ll find that the path to the temple has been blocked by three barriers. Finding them all will net you a scene, so you might as well. West of the entrance is the fallen log; there will be a scene there, too. After, in the next area, go north and climb the stairs at the end to start up the mission.

Like in Besaid, the Cloister of Trials in Kilika’s temple has been infested by fiends. Again, your goal is to get rid of them. Save with the nearby Save Sphere and enter the Cloister. Press X on the circular platform nearby to descend to the main area, then go north and through the door. You’ll have a forced Daeva battle as you enter, and another as you reach the blue-flamed door. In the second room, examine the flames on the east, west, then north walls, forcing three more Daeva fights (one per flame). Kill two more in the next room to get rid of another blockage. Go downstairs in the next area; move slowly and mash X as you do so you can grab the Samurai Dressphere . Continue to the end of the path and into the Chamber of the Fayth area to find another familiar face.

BOSS - Dark Ifrit

Dark Ifrit Details
Max HP / Max MP 8,820 HP / 9,999 MP
Elem. Weak / Resis / Immunity / Absorb Ice / None / Gravity / Fire
EXP / GIL / AP 1,800 / 1,300 / 15
Common Steals / Rare Steals Fiery Gleam / None
Common Item Drops / Rare Item Drops Angel Earrings / None

Another predictable Dark Aeon. It can use a basic Attack (roughly 200 damage) and its signature Meteor Strike ( roughly 350 magical damage). There’s also Firaga and its Overdrive, Hellfire (400-750 Fire-based magic damage to all).

If you come into this battle wielding NulBlaze Rings, you’ll find this battle a lot easier: those accessories, purchased in Chapter 3 Bikanel, will nullify Fire attacks against the wielder, which means half of Dark Ifrit’s offense (and his best attack no less!). With such accessories on-hand (they are not costly), your opening in the battle is a lot simpler. Mighty Guard to all or Protect/Shell to all will be nice, but hardly necessary; Shell would be nice at least due to Meteor Strike.

As before, there’s not a lot you can do offensively here. Dark Ifrit now has an Ice-weakness, so Black Mages can thrive here, especially if they’re wielding Blizzaga by now. Otherwise, a simple high-damage offense will work well, especially in conjunction with the Stat Breaks Warriors wield, though they’re barely necessary here unless you’re underleveled.

As you would expect from fighting the previous Dark Aeons, Ifrit uses his regular skills but notably Hellfire (right) so be wary.

There will be some scenes on the Celsius if you finished Besaid off already, and your next destination (for story progress) will be Djose, though you will likely want to revisit Bevelle for some extras.

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