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Final Fantasy IX
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First Published: 28-04-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
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Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII is the princess of Alexandria and daughter to Queen Brahne. Thinking that something is off with her mother, she is "kidnapped" by the Tantalus crew, and adopts the Dagger persona to hide her identity. She is initially naive to the outside world, but soon becomes accustomed to it, showing off some street smarts at times. She enjoys the theater, with Lord Avon's I Want To Be Your Canary being her favorite play.

Dagger's main ability is White Magic, essentially making her one of two healers that can join your group. Unfortunately, she doesn't learn every single White Magic spell, so she might be considered the lesser of the two. Her other unique skill, Summon, allows her to call Eidolons, which are pretty similar to summons from previous games. Unlike the other character, Dagger gains access to more Eidolons, so she is better suited for that aspect once you have both characters in your party. Note that the Eidolon's full animation won't always play, but Dagger's Trance changes Summon to Eidolon, giving it an increased chance to play out the full animation (for more power). Also, while in Trance and after using the Eidolon command, you will get the shorter summons throughout the battle, which don't take MP or the Trance bar.

White Magic

White MagicLearnedAP Needed
CureMagic Racket, Rod, Silk Shirt30
CuraHealing Rod, Barette50
CuragaWizard Rod, Whale Whisker155
LifeMythril Rod, Healing Rod, Whale Whisker, Rebirth Ring, Cachusha30
ScanAir Racket, Desert Boots25
PanaceaAir Racket, Rod15
StonaMultina Racket25
ShellMultina Racket, Mythril Racket, Mythril Rod, Wizard Rod, Cotton Robe, Gold Choker, Moonstone35
ProtectMythril Racket, Rod, Wizard Rod, Steepled Hat, Desert Boots30
SilencePriest's Racket, Mythril Rod, Asura's Rod, Magic Armlet30
MiniMagic Racket, Asura's Rod, Feather Boots40
ReflectMythril Racket, Stardust Rod, Reflect Ring, Ruby20
ConfuseAsura's Rod, Lamia's Tiara35
BerserkMagic Racket30
BlindMultina Racket, Magician Shoes40
FloatStardust Rod, Feather Boots20


EidolonLearnedAP Needed
OdinDark Matter30

Support Abilities

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