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First Published: 28-04-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Quina Quen

Quina is a member of the Qu tribe, who are genderless beings that have a knack for eating things. They are notable for their long tongues and broken English, with Quina’s "mission" being to try out new foods all of the time, leading to some comical situations. Despite this one-set mind, Quina is shown to enjoy the company of your party throughout the game, usually trying to cheer someone up when they are down.

Quina’s two special skills go hand in hand, as one cannot be used without the other. Eat will allow Quina to devour an enemy, but only if they have less than 25% HP left. Should s/he uses Eat on specific enemies, Quina can learn Blue Magic, which makes up the brunt of his/her special abilities. Once Quina has learned a Blue Magic, you cannot Eat any other enemies with that spell (or the same one) to try and "learn" it again; there is no powering up of the spells (with one exception, but it’s not related to using Eat). Quina’s Trance turns Eat into Cook, increasing the threshold from under 25% HP to 50%.

Blu Mag

AbilitiesEnemies to Learn From
1,000 NeedlesCactuar
Angel's SnackIronite, Mistodon, Epitaph, Behemoth
Aqua BreathClipper, Axolotl, Sahagin, Vepal (Green one)
Auto-LifeCarrion Worm, Gimme Cat, Cerberus, Yan, Stilva
Bad BreathAnemone, Worm Hydra, Malboro
DoomVeteran, Ash
Earth ShakeAdamantoise, Earth Guardian, Shell Dragon, Lich
Frog DropGigan Toad
FrostWraith (blue candle), Chimera, Kraken
Goblin PunchGoblin, Goblin Mage
Limit GloveMu, Axe Beak, Mandragora, Blazer Beetle, Jabberwock, Catoblepas
LV3 Def-lessCarve Spider, Lamia, Lizard Man, Sand Scorpion, Ochu, Grand Dragon
LV4 HolyFeather Circle, Torama, Amdusias
LV5 DeathStroper, Dracozombie, Whale Zombie
Magic HammerMagic Vice, Ring Leader
Matra MagicTrick Sparrow, Dragonfly, Zaghnol, Ogre, Land Worm, Armstrong
Mighty GuardSerpion, Myconid, Gigan Octopus, Antlion (non-boss one), Gargoyle
Mustard BombWraith (red candle), Bomb, Vepal (Red one), Grenade, Maliris
NightNymph, Abomination, Seeker Bat, Grimlock
Pumpkin HeadPython, Hedgehog Pie, Ladybug, Skeleton, Yeti, Basilisk, Bandersnatch
RouletteGhost, Zombie, Hecteyes
TwisterRed Dragon, Abadon, Tiamat
VanishVice, Hornet, Gnoll, Troll, Drakan
White WindZuu, Griffin, Zemzelett, Garuda

Support Abilities

AbilityLearnedAP Needed
Ability UpGreen Beret, Silk Robe, Ribbon, Lapis Lazuli60
Absorb MPPromist Ring80
Add StatusFeather Hat, Twist Headband, Bone Wrist, Bracer, Chimera Armlet, Glass Buckle35
AntibodyMantra Band, Glass Armlet, Glutton's Robe, Survival Vest, Glass Buckle20
Auto-FloatFeather Boots40
Auto-HasteRunning Shoes70
Auto-LifeRebirth Ring165
Auto-PotionMagician Robe, Demon's Vest, Mythril Vest, Gold Choker, Running Shoes30
Auto-ReflectReflect Ring75
Auto-RegenGolden Hairpin, Glutton's Robe, Light Robe30
Body TempHoly Miter, Jade Armlet, Glutton's Robe, Fairy Earrings, Madain's Ring, Diamond20
Clear HeadedCirclet, Green Beret, Lamia's Tiara, Magic Armlet, Dark Gear, Magician's Shoes25
CounterRitual Hat, Power Vest, Power Belt55
Gamble DefenseAdaman Hat, Twist Headband, Power Vest40
Half MPLight Robe, Protect Ring90
High TideFork, Needle Fork, Mythril Fork, Silver Fork, Bistro Fork, Gastro Fork, Dark Hat, Jade Armlet, Gaia Gear, Sapphire250
InsomniacBandana, Holy Miter, Gaia Gear, Magician Cloak, Coral Ring40
JellyCirclet, Dark Hat, Dragon Wrist, Bronze Vest, Dark Gear35
Level UpEgoist's Armlet, Fairy Earrings, Rosetta Ring60
LocomotionBlack Hood, Golden Skullcap, Demon's Vest, Survival Vest20
LoudmouthMage's Hat, Golden Hairpin, Silk Robe30
MillionaireYellow Scarf100
MP +10%Magician Robe, Magician Cloak, Magician Shoes, Emerald50

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