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Final Fantasy VI
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 02-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:27 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 17-06-2019 / 19:32 GMT

Final Fantasy VI Guide

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Chapter II - A Meeting With The Returners

South Figaro (Locke)

So, Locke went to South Figaro to stall the Empire. He’s done enough. Now he needs to get the hell outta there.

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Commander 102 50 13 100 153 85
Heavy Armor 495 150 53 150 195 80
Vector Hound 166 10 14 80 83 128

The three rules of South Figaro:

(1) Never talk to the Heavy Armors’ users. (2) Never talk to the Heavy Armors’ users. (3) Be prepared to be pwned in failing to learn rules one and two. (The only exception is if you’re wanting to Steal an Iron Helmet ; if so, do as you wish. There is no real point to killing one anyways, except for the Bestiary. They don’t move.

Talk to the merchant in the Item Shop first. You will enter a battle and you can simply Steal from him. You will then take his clothes for a disguise!

Begin by heading into the item shop. Speak with the merchant next to the counter. He’ll call you a thief; you’ll re-educate him in a hands-on manner. Quite literally, too – Steal from him and, upon success, you’ll steal his clothing. I think that’s a first for Final Fantasy. As would be expected, the guy in the Birthday Suit flees.

Afterwards, leave the shop and go into the house of the servant of the richest man in town nearby. Go downstairs and speak with the kid to be let by. Back outside, go north and upstairs. Follow the path around the town to a soldier in green clothes. Speak with him and Steal his clothes. Still a bit startling.

So, cadet, head into the Pub and go downstairs. You’ll find a door with a merchant behind it. Speak with said merchant, battle, and Steal his clothing. You’ll then take the Cider . Now, you remember that house where the kid let you through? Go back there and, on the top floor, speak with the old man in the southwest corner to hand over the Cider. After that small scene, go back downstairs and speak with the kid. Tell him the password ("Courage") or the kid will kill you or something. You’ll be allowed through a secret path.

You can find the Soldier on the battlements where you found an item. Walk all the way round. After you have it, speak to the Soldier on guard to get him to move.

Once on the path, go along it to the door. Exit, walk around to the door, and re-enter. Head to the second floor and the eastern room will have a girl mentioning something about winding clocks. The western room contains some sad ol’ rich man. Use the secret staircases behind the bookcase. Continue to the basement (it doesn’t matter if you change clothes). Continue to the next cutscene.

Anyways, we do meet up with Celes, an Imperial general, who has committed treason. It seems not all antagonists are completely evil … didn’t I say that about General Leo, too? Anyways, go into the room. Speak with Celes to learn that her hands are bound. Before you even think of coming up with some funky new button combination, unbind her, then take the key from the nearby guard. (Seriously … it’s a bit late to say "stealing is wrong". I just stole a friggin’ PRISONER.)

Re-equip Celes after regaining control (for all she has right now is a Hairband). Walk out of the room here to find that the other rooms you looted to the east; the second door has the Save Point. Use it and continue to the third room. Examine the clock in the back that is not ticking to open a secret door. Go on through.

The password for the boy to open the passage is "Courage". After freeing Celes, speak to the soldier to get the Clock Winding Key.

Here in the underground passageway, you’ll start to fight some battles and notice that Celes has magic. Like only one other human. Coincidence? Anyways, continue to find some rooms supposedly blocked from you. If you played Final Fantasy V, you’ll probably understand that there are hidden invisible passages connecting them.

So, head around and east through the overhead wall, then south to find the Iron Armor in a chest. Backtrack north and go east. At the northbound path, use it and circle around to two more chests - the Great Sword and the Heavy Shield are within. Backtrack and, while heading south, go into the wall and you’ll go through. Take three steps into the south wall, then west three to go south and downstairs. Open the three chests here for an X-Potion, a Hi-Ether, and a Ribbon (you’ll need to hug the south wall and look around for the Ribbon chest).

Backtrack all of the way and continue heading south into the wall to find a path to the east. Skip it, as well as the next one. Go to the first westbound path to find an Earring . Backtrack to the second eastbound path and take it to some stairs. Take the door out and leave South Figaro.

Examine the north clock to open the secret passage. After finding the basement, you can find the Ribbon on the far right. Go to the bottom and examine the tile.

In the overworld, head northwest to the South Figaro Cave.

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