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Final Fantasy VI
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 02-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:27 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-05-2019 / 11:52 GMT

Final Fantasy VI Guide

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Chapter III - Finding Terra

Blackjack II

Or so we thought. The mystical powers of general AI hatred against that of humans is always evident, isn’t it? Especially when you end up fighting some cranes that somehow reach an airship.

Crane x 2

Both Cranes are able to use a basic attack, Wrecking Ball (basic attack with 1.5x or 2.0x damage), Thundara, Fira, Magnitude 8 , and Magitek Barrier (Protect and Reflect).

The left one can also use Thunder and Gigavolt , whereas the one on the right changes that for Fire and Firaga. Firaga and Gigavolt are special, in that you must hit the Crane with the element it absorbs (Fire and Lightning/Thunder, respectively) before you will be able to be hit with either of these attacks.

They can and will hit hard; as such, I would not recommend using such elemental attacks except for Espers (only the one hit) unless you have a Reflect status party-wide. It is also worth noting that, with each three times you damage a Crane, it will use Fira or Thundara on the other Crane to charge up the Firaga or Gigavolt.

The Cranes will do different elemental spells. They have very little HP and will go down with a couple of Thundaras or the like. Nothing to worry about!

Begin by using your Espers, which should be Kirin, Shiva, and another one. This will put a single charge on one or both Cranes, so watch it if you use Ifrit or Ramuh. Have the Kirin user start using Cure or Cura as it is needed.

Otherwise, Locke needs to Steal the Debilitator from the Right Crane, then Attack. Edgar needs to use his Chainsaw or Drill, Sabin needs to use the Aura Cannon Blitz and Cyan use his #1/#4 Bushido whereas Setzer can Attack. The only things that should take priority over the above is using the weakness magic for a Crane, Espers, and healing via items.

After the battle, you’ll return to Zozo in your airship and watch a scene.

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