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First Published: 15-03-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Final Fantasy VIII Guide

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A spunky, upbeat girl who recently transferred from Trabia Garden to Balamb Garden. She’s unorthodox and headstrong - and perhaps a bit clumsy - but competent enough with her nunchakus. She’s very passionate about the Garden Festival.

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Lv 1003,680452849383726

Limit Break: Slots

Selphie’s limit break, Slots, will allow her to cast a random spell a random number of times. when you select her limit you’ll see exactly what spell is available and how many times it can be cast, and you can select the "Do Over" option as much as you wish to try to get something more suitable for the situation, although the enemy can still act while you’re selecting, so messing around too much might not be advisable. Most spells available to the player can show up during Selphie’s slots limit, whether it be a buff, debuff, healing or damaging spell.

If the right spell(s) show up at the right time in the right quantity, this can be a very good limit. But as the Lacedaemonians replied to Philip of Macedon when he sent a message saying "If I invade Laconia you will be destroyed, never to rise again.": If. Most of the outcomes Selphie will get are no better than Quistis’s limit breaks, provided she’s learned a diverse array of Blue Magic, but unlike Selphie, Quistis can quickly choose exactly what magic she wants to use.

That said, Selphie does have some unique - albeit very rare - Slots options worth discussing:

Full Cure: Fully heals the entire party and cures all debuffs.

Rapture: Removes most non-boss foes from battle, similar to Quistis’s Degenerator ability. It’s one of the few Eject abilities in the game.

The End: Destroys almost every enemy in the game, including bosses. Doesn’t work on undead (Gerogero, Abadon) and if the battle has multiple phases or the boss has multiple forms it will simply advance the fight to the next phase/form. Still, it’s an ability that can one-shot the game’s superbosses… although it’s very, very rare.

Wall: Casts Protect and Shell on the party.

Weapon: Nunchakus

Sephie falls into the tradition four weapon model, with her final weapon having a standard Strength modifier of 25. That said, her ultimate weapon has a whopping 255 Hit%, making her the only character besides Squall who will have a perfect hit rate. Very useful for hunting Cactuars and it negates the need for Hit-J entirely.

FlailM-Stone Piece x2, Bomb Fragment x1100G1298%
Morning StarSteel Orb x2, Sharp Spike x2200G1599%
Crescent WishInferno Fang x1, Life Ring x1, Sharp Spike x4400G20100%
Strange VisionAdamantine x1, Curse Spike x2, Star Fragment x3800G25255%

How to Obtain Strange Vision: Another day, another hunk of Adamantine. You can refine the Minotaur Card into 10x Adamantine, which you can earn in the Tomb of the Forgotten King. The Curse Spike can be obtain from a variety of sources, but early on the easiest way to get it is by refining Tri-Face Cards. Star Fragments can be obtained from various monsters, but most notably high level T-Rexaurs (you can potentially encounter these in disc 1) which drop them in high quantities, and Iron Giants, which can drop them at all levels, but can typically only be encountered late in the game. You can also refine 3x Iron Giant Cards into a Star Fragment, and if you were willing to gather 20x Elnoyle Cards to get Squall’s ultimate weapon, you can probably stand to get 9x Iron Giant Cards for Selphie’s.

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