Tidus is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X and is a rising star Blitzball player from Zanarkand. While performing in a Blitzball game, Sin attacks his hometown and he ends up being transported to the world of Spira. He is lost and confused here, with the goal of heading home, but it is on Spira that he meets up with a summoner named Yuna, who he ends up following on her journey.


Tidus is equipped with a sword and shield, and his stats/Sphere Grid usually focus on his Agility and Evasion, along with moderate Strength and Accuracy. As such, he is more suited for tackling the lightly-armor enemies. He is only one of three characters that can fight underwater, making him essential for some segments of the game. Some of the abilities he learns seem to revolve around messing with the turn order in battles, as Haste/Hastega can speed up his fellow members, and Delay Attack can delay the target’s next turn.


Swordplay is the name of Tidus’ Overdrive, which has a number of different abilities. He will learn new ones upon using the older techniques. Once you select a technique, a bar will appear and a marker will begin moving back and forth. Your goal will be to stop the marker in the middle of the meter, where there will be a small, gold-colored space. Unfortunately, you only have a set time limit in order to hit this small space and should you hit it, then you will deal additional damage. Note that all of the uses are cumulative and will contribute to unlocking the others, no matter if you hit the bonus damage or not.

Overdrive Unlock
Spiral Cut Default
Slice & Dice Use Overdrive 10 times
Energy Rain Use Overdrive 30 times
Blitz Ace Use Overdrive 80 times

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