Description : Auron’s Bushido is a pretty simple set of Overdrives, mostly reliant on dealing high damage, though some of them are able to also deal debilitating ailments to the targets. When you are executing Auron’s Overdrives, you will be given a set combination of buttons to press; pressing them fast enough gives you a fair few bonuses, including a damage multiplier, as below.

MULTIPLIER = 1 + (X/(2*Y)) “X” = Time left, in seconds “Y” = Time given total, in seconds Multiplier > 1 or equal to it, always; minimum is 1.00125 (0.01 seconds with a 4-second Overdrive)

This multiplier is at it highest in practice if you’re quick on the draw with the sequence (~1 second). That usually means skilled players will get a 30%~40% damage boost. In pure theory, the highest the boost one can get is +50%. In any case, you do not need to succeed at this minor game to get the Overdrive; you just won’t get the damage multiplier, can have a power loss (different from the multiplier), and lose the statuses induced.

Overdrive #1 - Dragon Fang :

Learned: Initially

Time Given: 4 seconds

Button Combo: Down, Left, Up, Right, L1, R1, Circle, X

Effects: Attack all enemies. If successful, you get a 6.25% damage boost, and can inflict a Delay on those hit. If you are successful and the target is immune to Delay, you will get a 18.75% damage boost instead.

Overdrive #2 - Shooting Star :

Learned: Automatically through the story, after beating the Spherimorph

Time Given: 4 seconds

Button Combo: Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Left, Right, X

Effects: Attack one enemy. If successful, the enemy may be Ejected from battle (effectively the same as an outright KO). If you are successful, and the enemy is immune to Eject, you get a 12.5% damage boost instead.

Overdrive #3 - Banishing Blade :

Learned: Collect three of the Jecht’s/Auron’s/Braska’s Spheres (see Auron’s Special Spheres for locations)

Time Given: 4 seconds

Button Combo: Up, L1, Down, R1, Right, Left, Triangle

Effects: Attacks a single enemy. If successful, the enemy can be afflicted with Power, Armor, Magic, and Mental Breaks, halving their Strength, Defense, Magic, and Magic Defense. If you are successful, but the target is immune to one or more of these Breaks, then you will get a ~7.14% damage boost.

Overdrive #4 - Tornado:

Learned: Collect all ten of the Jecht’s/Auron’s/Braska’s Spheres (see Auron’s Special Spheres for locations)

Timer: 3 seconds

Button Combo: X, Right, R1, Left, Triangle

Effects: Hits all enemies twice. If successful, there is a 33% damage boost.

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