Description : Tidus’s Overdrive is Swordplay, which consists of a variety of speedy attacks that naturally fit Tidus’s speedy nature. When you start up the Overdrive, a cursor will be moving over a gauge, and your goal is to stop the cursor with the X Button in the middle of the gauge. If you do so, you get your damage multiplied:

MULTIPLIER = 1 + (X/(2*Y)) “X” = Time left, in seconds “Y” = Time given total, in seconds Multiplier > 1 or equal to it, always; minimum is 1.00125 (0.01 seconds with a 4-second Overdrive)

This multiplier is at it highest in practice on the first pass through the middle of the gauge, usually ~0.5 seconds after starting the Overdrive. That usually means skilled players will get a ~40% damage boost. In pure theory, the highest the boost one can get is +50%. In any case, you do not need to succeed at this minor game to get the Overdrive; you just won’t get the damage multiplier, can have a power loss (different from the multiplier), and, in the case of Blitz Ace, one of your hits.

Overdrive #1 - Spiral Cut :

Learned: Initially

Time Given: 3 seconds

Effects: Attack on a single enemy. Attack is 33% stronger on a base level if the overdrive succeeds.

Overdrive #2 - Slice & Dice :

Learned: Have Tidus do 10 Overdrives, regardless of success

Time Given: 3 seconds

Effects: Attack randomly-targeted enemies six times. Damage is restricted to three targets if you fail, and the attack can go for up to four enemies and is 33% stronger if you succeed.

Overdrive #3 - Energy Rain :

Learned: Have Tidus do 30 Overdrives, regardless of success

Time Given: 3 seconds

Effects: Attacks all enemies. Attack is 30% stronger if Overdrive succeeds.

Overdrive #4 - Blitz Ace :

Learned: Have Tidus do 80 Overdrives, regardless of success

Time Given: 2 seconds

Effects: Attacks a single enemy 8 times. If you succeed, you follow up with an attack that is six times more powerful than the others dealt during this Overdrive, for a maximum of 9 hits (and effectively 14).

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