Description : Feeling lucky? Wakka’s Overdrive relies on matching a number of slot combinations, and it’s as simple as that!

Overdrive #1 - Element Reels:

Learned: Initially

Effects: With this, you are given three slots to line up. When you line them up, you get an attack. If you line up three emblems of the same coloration, the attack will be of that element (White = Ice, Red = Fire, Blue = Water, Yellow = Lightning), and it will go to all enemies. If you get two of one color and one of another, you get an elemental attack to one enemy based on which color you had more of. If you have three different colors, you get a non-elemental-but-always-critical attack to a single enemy. Elemental affinities and critical hits aside, all attacks have the same power, anyhow.

Overdrive #2 - Attack Reels:

Learned: Win from a Blitzball tournament

Effects: The main thing you’ll see on this slot machine are “1x hit”, “2x hit”, and “Miss” - these determine the order of attacks you take. The “hits” are additionally cumulative; that is to say getting a 1x hit, 2x hit, and 1x hit yields (1+2+1) or 4 hits. If you miss, consider it a “0x hit”. There are two exceptions to this rule. Getting three “1x hit” slots yields six hits, and getting three “2x hit” slots yields twelve hits. As for each attack’s power? It’s equal to the number of hits, multiplied by ten. That means it can be 10 (1x-miss-miss) to 120 (2x-2x-2x).

Overdrive #3 - Status Reels :

Learned: Win from a Blitzball league after fighting 250 battles with Wakka

Effects: This is basically the status version of Element Reels. Here, you can have three ailments afflicted: Full Break (down-pointing arrow - Armor/Power/Mental/Magic Breaks), Petrification (hourglass), and Darkness, Poison, Silence, and Sleep (skull). As usual, it’s majority-rule for the slots’ effect, but matching three slots up gives the effect to all enemies. If you fail to make a majority, it’s simply a critical hit.

Overdrive #4 - Aurochs Reels :

Learned: Win from a Blitzball tournament after fighting 450 battles with Wakka

Effects: This set of slots is pretty odd. Basically, imagine that the Element and Status Reels are pooled together, with the same rules governing them. The only differnce is that a majority involving two statuses/elements of the same type and one element/status yields the critical hit, while three non-matching things is just an Attack. However, for every one of the original Besaid Aurochs on your team, you’ll get an Aurochs emblem on the slots. Line up three of those for an attack to all enemies that is ~112% stronger than the other attacks this Reels does.

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