LOCATION : In case you don’t know, the Baaj Temple is the area in the game where Tidus arrives at just after the events in the dream Zanarkand - you know, that watery temple where you met Geosgaeno? Anyhow, if you haven’t found it, it’s found by searching the map on the airship for certain coordinates - X from 12~14, and Y from 58~61. (By the by, you’ll really want Stone Ward/Proof on your armor. Just sayin’.)

WALKTHROUGH : When you arrive here, go north to the end of the path and leap into the water; hopefully, you already grabbed the items the first time you were here, so I won’t have to cover them. Anyhow, cannonballllll! Once you land, you will need to go northeast for a scene and a battle.

BOSS - Geosgaeno

BOSS ANALYSIS : Yeah, this looks familiar… Anyhow, Geosgaeno’s offense is a bit different from before. It can use Stone and KO Punch attacks for the obvious statuses (Stone and KO, respectively). You will also see Geosgaeno Swallow your characters. When this happens, their good statuses (Haste, Protect, et cetera) and bad statuses (e.g. Poison, Zombie!) will be given to Geosgaeno. (He won’t Swallow KO’ed/Petrified characters … don’t bother.) The character will get Regurgitated eventually, though. Depending on the situation, different damage is dealt.

He has two main attacks. When he swallows a character it can be painful after he spits them back out too.

  • Scenario A: Geosgaeno gets a turn before the trapped character and Regurgitates, or you get a turn beforehand, but Defend. In this case, the character is spit out and damage is dealt to all characters equal to that character's current HP minus 1. (For a 2,500 HP character, for example, that's 2,499 damage to all.) Thusly, you have one character with 1 HP and the other two in a state varying upon your HP going in.
  • Scenario B: You get a turn before Geosgaeno and opt to Struggle, but Geosgaeno lives. Geosgaeno thusly counters with Regurgitate. The character will be spit-out and KO'ed by the damage.
  • Scenario C: You get a turn before Geosgaeno and use Struggle. Geosgaeno dies, but in one last act of desperation, Regurgitates. This will do 9,999 damage to everyone! Without Auto-Life and/or Break HP Limit (and 10,000+ HP, of course), you will die! You are likely to get a Game Over from this one, so be very careful if you suspect Geosgaeno to have low HP; just Defend if you do.

**MAIN STRATEGY** : A simple offense works well enough here. Don't bother buffing your characters up because you'll likely see one Swallow during this fight, and you don't want Geosgaeno getting, say, Protect, Shell, Reflect, Regen, Haste, and NulAll, do you? =P I'd rather take a bit of extra damage (given all damage here is statusing you or KO'ing you or fixed, really) than halve the damage I deal here. You'll want one character designated for your revival stuff (unless you have Deathproof and Stoneproof or Ribbon on your armors), too, since you'll be doing that a lot. Heal when needed and so on - it's not that complicated of an offense, but you are going to be healing a lot.

After swallowing a character, Geo will take on all their status effects, bad or good. Poison can be very detrimental to Geo so is a good strategy to use.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY - SWALLOW ABUSE : Under normal circumstances, Geosgaeno is immune to most statuses but Poison. However, a slight flaw in the programming of this game allows you to put other ailments on him. It kinda mirrors a certain problem with Rage in Final Fantasy VI (I think it was) - even though you could be immune to an element, if you got it on via a Rage, it would be permanent. Anyhow, same thing here. Geosgaeno is immune to most ailments, and the most abusable of them here is Zombie, right? If you get Zombie on one or all of your party somehow (Zombie Attack, Zombietouch, Zombiestrike), they can be Swallowed.

In turn, Geosgaeno will absorb their status and thusly also be Zombied. At that point, it won’t take long to kill him: throw X-Potions, Phoenix Downs, Curagas, and the like at him until he goes down.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY - POISON : Poison can be induced on Geosgaeno in pretty much any way you want to; you can do it via Swallow or via the usual means (Poisontouch/strike/Fang); it’ll hit most of the time. From there on out, you simply need to stay alive for 10 turns; each turn, Geosgaeno loses 10% of his HP, almost 3,300 per turn.

After the fight, go into the building nearby and through the door. Go up the rock and through the double doors. In the room beyond with the statues, go to the southwest corner for a Mega Phoenix and to the southeast one for a Megalixir. Now, go north. Each of these statues will light up depending on whether you’ve gotten the Destruction Sphere treasure from each area. The are six emblems: Besaid is in the top-left, Kilika in the bottom-right, Djose in the middle-right, Macalania in the middle-left, Bevelle in the top-right, and Zanarkand in the bottom-left. If not all six are lighting up, then use the links below and return to the Cloisters - all those puzzles have been covered!

When you’ve found all the Cloisters’ treasures, go to the room beyond the statue room in Baaj to get the Anima Aeon - and some interesting info about Seymour.

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Feel the Pain

Obtain Anima.


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