As you went through the Bikanel desert about halfway through the game, you probably recall that one area with all of the quicksand pits, right? And how to the east there was an area completely blowing with sand? Within that area is the Cactuar Village, protected by the sandstorm. And, in this quest, we will access it! (Note that this can only be done after returning to Bikanel after getting the airship. You may also want No Encounters, just to make this a helluva lot faster.)

In the area named, you should be able to find a stone with a Cactuar engraved on it. Examine it with X and you will be given the general location of one of the Cactuars, of which there are ten. By the way, when you find one, sneak up on it from behind. If you don’t, you’ll get the “Sphere del Perdedor” which, if I remember my Spanish right (and I likely don’t), translates to “Sphere of the Loser” or “Loser’s Sphere”. If you do sneak up on it within the time given, you’ll get their own special sphere. More special spheres = better rewards. Clearly. Anyhow.

Once you sneak up on them, you’ll battle them, and then you can return to the Cactuar stone, give ’em the sphere, and then go for the next one. Finally, below are the locations of the Cactuars.

Examine this stone here to learn of the 10 Gatekeepers and clues to their locations.

In case you don’t want to look at your menu, going from the Oasis towards Home, you’ll have the Oasis (1st area), Sanubia Desert - West (2nd area), Sanubia Desert - Central (3rd area), and Sanubia Desert - East (4th area)

  • **Tomay** : This first of the Cactuars is found at the Oasis.
  • **Rovivea** : East Sanubia Desert, at the far west side.

Tomay Rovivea locations.

  • **Chava** : West Sanubia Desert, near the rock sign with the "20% off" thingy on it.
  • **Alek & Aloja** : Central Sanubia Desert, near the ruins here.East Sanubia Desert, near the Save Sphere.

Little Chava and the brothers locations.

  • **Vachella** : Go to the East Sanubia Desert and examine the Save Sphere.
  • **Robeya** : Central Sanubia Desert, in the treasure chest to the west.

Vachella Robeya locations.

  • **Issra** : West Sanubia Desert, in one of the quicksand pits.
  • **Elio** : Go to the Oasis, then return to the airship and go to the top (like where you fought Evrae).

Isra Ellio locations.

  • **Flaile** : Return to the stone and he'll appear behind you.

Flaile and the village uncovered.

After this, depending on how many personalized spheres you got, you’ll get two chests. One is always a Mercury Sigil , used as a part of Rikku’s Celestial Weapon. The other varies upon how many personal spheres: 1 or 2 for a Potion ; 3, 4, or 5 for an Elixir ; 6 or 7 for a Megalixir ; and 8 or 9 for a Friend Sphere . Meh.

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