So, the party has reunited and we’re on the Highbridge. Speak with the conveniently-located O’aka to grab some items, and grind around here if you want, but there aren’t too many features here worth noting. Save, then go north and battle the oh-so-sexy Seymour again.


Sorry, gotta make terrible jokes every now and then. Protection against Petrify will help tremendously in the coming battle so equip any gear you have and stock up on Softs etc.

BOSS - Seymour Natus

The Mortibody when killed, absorbs HP from Seymour to regain it. It will have 4,000 twice, 3,000, 2,000, then 1,000 from there on out. Just saying.

BOSS ANALYSIS : Seymour’s offense will change throughout the battle. Early on, he’ll stick to Multi-Blizzara, Multi-Thundara, Multi-Watera, and Multi-Fira, in that order, to hit two characters per turn for around 1,250 elemental damage. At the same time, the Mortibody will stick to Blizzard, Thunder, Water, and Fire, in that order. This phase lasts while Seymour is between 36,000 and 24,000 HP usually. Basically, consider the Mortibody as a foreteller of what Seymour will use.

From 24,000 to 12,000 HP, things become a lot simpler. Seymour opens with a Protect before going into only Break (petrifies you). To combo this, the Mortibody will use Shattering Claw every turn. This can damage, and if petrified, your character is immediately killed, cannot be revived, and no character comes into their slot (imagine it like Eject). THIS IS BAD . Well, obviously. Anyhow, hope you have some Softs!

You can use Talk again to increase attributes of some characters. Take note of which element Mortibody uses to attack as that is what Seymour will use next. React accordingly.

From 12,000 HP down, the Mortibody relies on Cures, and Seymour on Flare (1,500+ non-elemental damage).

Counterattack-wise, you’ll only see them from the Mortibody, and only in the case of Desperado . Desperado is used if all three characters have the same positive status. For example, three characters have Haste, or three have Shell, or the like. It will NOT activate if, say, two characters have Protect and the third one has Haste, or if two characters have Haste and two have Shell (one being double-statused). It hits lightly, but can remove those statuses. You can also have Seymour use Banish one turn after an Aeon is brought into play so make sure to only use them when you have a full Overdrive you want to use.

MAIN STRATEGY : This is the main strategy you can expect to use in this fight. You’ll probably want to open simply. Bring in Yuna and have her cyclically throw up NulFrost, NulShock, NulTide, and NulBlaze, in that order, to deal with the occurence of Seymour’s elemental spells. If you have Reflect, use that on two characters (remember Desperado!) instead and simply heal the third one as time goes on. When she doesn’t have anything to do, have her heal or induce Shell. Remember, only Shell two people or you’ll risk Desperado! The other two units? You can have them probably just outright attack in any way you prefer. Hasting Tidus and Yuna works pretty nicely, or at least Yuna and someone (since she’s likely the main healer).

Mortibody will slowly kill Seymour by absorbing some of his HP when attacked. If you get hit with Break, Esuna or Soft immediately or Mortibody will use Shattering Claw, removing that character permanently.

When the 24,000 HP mark comes close, think about something. Try killing the Mortibody instead - if you do that, Seymour crosses 24,000 HP, loses 4,000 more (that’s how the Mortibody revives the first time), and won’t cast Protect. This is easily done with an Aeon’s Overdrive. Bahamut, for example, can hit around 6,000 each with little problem, meaning 10,000 to Seymour (6,000+4,000). Granted, the Aeon will be Banished, but whatever. You can also just simply cross the 24,000 HP line, have Seymour cast Protect, then Dispel it yourself (or have Ixion use Aerospark).

Anyhow, second phase battle strategy: Seymour petrifies you and Mortibody kills you in near-perfect sync. Here, the key is to have as many turns as possible between the petrification and the shattering. Switch Yuna out for Rikku; there’s no point in healing, so Rikku is probably best for the Al Bhed Potion, since it cures petrification and heals 1,000 HP for the whole party. (Shattering Claw still hurts, even if it doesn’t shatter.) Other than that, maintain the offense.

Once the third phase rolls around, things get … difficult. Flare is a pretty nasty spell to be hit with; 1,500+ damage is a bad day for that spell. There’s also the fact that Mortibody Curas Seymour. You can try to put Reflect on Seymour to bounce the Cura onto you (or at least Shell to weaken it if you lack Reflect). Flare is a different problem: you have to Reflect two of your characters and hope to Yevon the 2:1 odds work in your favor that the remaining person isn’t hurt. Luckily, Flare makes Seymour slightly slower, so it’s a bit easier than you think. The offense should be mostly outright blasting him with your most powerful spells and attacks.

ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY - POISON : This is a pretty simple strategy. Seymour is able to be Poisoned through Bio, Poisontouch/strike, the Poison Fang item, and other expected means. It is only induced half the time, but it can hit, and with each turn that passes, Seymour will lose 4% of his HP (1,440). So, if you can last out 25 turns like that, it’s viable. The catch is that Seymour’s offense may still change - but only if you attack him. That’s right! Don’t attack Seymour other than the Bio spell and, even past 24,000 or 12,000 HP, his offense remains the Multi-spells. That means you can keep looping the Nul-elemental spells for 25 turns while someone else heals the damage that is induced. A passive but completely legitimate strategy.

ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY - OVERDRIVES EN MASSE : Due to the nature of the Mortibody’s HP-sucking way of staying alive, you can effectively begin to break the damage limit right here, right now, so long as you end up using attacks that hit both Seymour and the Mortibody. While it’s not entirely perfect, and the cap is truly not broken (it’s just sets of sequential damage), this works pretty well. Basically, a common tactic when people have trouble in FFX is to build up their Overdrives in the field and then unleash them in the battle. Here, do so with your Aeons. They’ll get killed after they move, but they’ll still get in some work with an Overdrive: if you exceed 4,000 damage on them, Mortibody sucks HP from Seymour (first 4,000, then 3,000, then 2,000, then 1,000 forevermore). That makes it pretty easy for Bahamut to come in and wreck Seymour for over 10,000 HP, and sequential Aeons can do pretty decently, too, since you have four others! On average, just to Seymour, they’ll have to do about 7,200 damage, so you may have to fight this fight yourself a bit, but the Mortibody can ultimately be Seymour’s demise.

After the scenes you will reach…

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