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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 30-08-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:27 GMT
Version: 1.12 (????) 20-09-2019 / 02:16 GMT

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Guide

7 months ago · Guide Information

Trial Mode

Stages 31-40

Stage 31 - Apsara (Optional), Bansat, Seeq Fisher x4

Normal - Potion, Cura Mote, Gravity Mote, Hi-Ether, Hi-PotionCura Mote (Bansat)Crown of Laurels (Apsara)Diamond Shield, Platinum Armor, Elixir, Dark Matter (Apsara)
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Steel Gorget, Argyle Armlet, Traveler, Tourmaline Ring, BalaclavaGravity Mote (Seeq Fisher)
Power Rod, Multiscale (Apsara)

This stage will have you facing a new enemy, Bansat, who helped you with the Gil Snapper hunt in the main game, as well as during Trial Mode. He is accompanied by four Seeq Fishers, and every single one of them, Bansat included, is weak to fire. They are not too bad as enemies go, but the Fishers do have Reflect from the beginning of the battle. So, you will want to be careful with using magicks here, unless you use Dispel first.

Besides that, there is also an optional mob here, Apsara. To spawn this fish, you want to go straight from the beginning of the level, past several puddles of water, and behind a large black rock in the distance. There’s nothing too special about the fish, but it can drop a Diamond Shield (uncommon) or a Platinum Armor (rare), plus you can steal either a Power Rod (uncommon) or Multiscale (rare).

Stage 32 - Zalera, Dead Bones x4 (Optional)

Normal - Bio Mote, Scathe Mote, Nu Khai SandTime Bolts, Doom Mace, Hunting Crossbow (Zalera)N/AN/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Disable, Leather Gorget, Windbreaker

You will be facing off against the Esper, Zalera, in this battle. There will be some Dead Bones present at the beginning, but Zalera may summon more during the fight. However, your sole concentration should be on Zalera himself, although you will want to get rid of the Dead Bones, as Zalera’s defensive stats are boosted when they are around (or if he hasn’t taken damage). He is weak to Holy and takes no damage from any other elements.

The biggest thing about this battle is that Zalera will pretty much strictly stick to trying to cause status ailments. He’ll have access to Lv. 2 Sleep, Lv. 3 Disable, Lv. 4 Break and Lv. 5 Reverse, as well as Confuse from his normal attacks. He can also instantly kill a character with Kill and his special move is called Level Prime Death, which will kill any characters whose level is a prime number (only divisible by 1 and itself, so something like level 53, as an example).

Stage 33 - Scythe Mantis x4

Normal - Eye Drops, Hastega MoteGravity Mote, Shock MoteBubble MoteN/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Wizard's Hat, Wyrmfire Shot

More standard mobs for you to clear out. They are exactly the same as their in-game counterparts.

Stage 34 - Marilith, Bogey x3 (Optional)

Normal - Soleil Fang, Domaine CalvadosPlatinum Shield, Platinum Helm, Platinum Armor (Marilith)Bubble Mote (Bogey)Iga Blade, Dark Matter (Bogey)
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Aqua, Wizard's RobesGravity Mote, Reverse Mote (Bogey)

The Marilith is exactly the same one you fight in the mark mission during the main game. It has a few nasty attacks so come prepared with lots of healing. Bogeys will spawn as you explore the map and they can very rarely drop the Iga Blade.

Stage 35 - Adrammelech, Skulwyrm x2 (Optional)

Normal - Phoenix Down, Potion, Ether, Bio MoteRas Algethi, Traitor's Bow, Rubber Suit (Adrammelech)N/APlatinum Sword, Dark Matter (Skulwyrm)
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Barbut, Rose Corsage, Gauntlets, Oil BombsBalance Mote (Skulwyrm)

There will be another Esper here, Adrammelech. First and foremost, Adrammelech is considered a flying enemy, so only magicks, ranged weapons, certain technicks and poles/spears will deal damage. His normal attacks can cause Sap and he also has access to Bleed, in case his normal attacks don’t inflict Sap. Other than that, his other skills are lightning-elemental, so equipping something like Diamond Armlets on your characters will make this battle a lot easier. Note that he will throw up Perfect Defense at some point, so you won’t be able to do any damage then. Also, Thundaja, Adrammelech’s special move, has a chance of inflicting Stop. You can steal a Ras Algethi, Traitor’s Bow or Rubber Suit from the Esper.

Stage 36 - Dreadguard, Mirrorknight x4

Normal - Meteorite (A), Potion, EtherFloat Mote, Reflectga Mote, Reverse Mote (Dreadguard)N/AN/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Black Belt, Raise, Linen CuirassReflectga Mote (Mirrorknight)

If you’ve been grinding Mirrorknights in the main game, you’ll know how to kill them with ease. Use physical attacks to bring them swiftly down.

Stage 37 - Behemoth x5

Normal - Balance Mote, EtherHammerheadN/AN/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Amber Armlet, Round Shield

Make sure to use Protect and have good defense or you will quickly become overwhelmed with the onslaught of their potent attacks. Everything else should be smooth sailing.

Stage 38 - Mythril Golem x3

Normal - Bio Mote, Hi-EtherHastega Mote, Gold HairpinN/AN/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Miter, Steel Poleyns

Another pretty easy trio and not much in the way of good treasure. Prepare for the next stage well as another Esper is incoming.

Stage 39 - Shemhazai, Ose x2 (Optional)

Normal - Dark Matter, PotionTreaty Blade, Dawn Shard (Shemhazai)Bubble Mote (Ose)Dark Matter (Ose)
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Main Gauche, Magick Gloves

You will be battling against yet another Esper in this stage, this time being Shemhazai. She isn’t too bad, but she can change her elemental weakness, so it might be best to use non-elemental attacks. She has access to high level magicks, like Flare, Shock and Scourge, as well as Syphon to reduce your MP and Silencega just to be annoying. She can also inflict Disease with her normal attacks. You can steal either a Treaty-Blade (uncommon) or Dawn Shard (rare) from Shemhazai.

Stage 40 - Gavial, Baritine Croc x2

Normal - Phoenix Down, Aeroga MoteThief's Cuffs (Gavial)Hastega Mote (Baritine Croc)N/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Agate Ring, Slasher

This group should give you no trouble as it is largely just another filler stage. The chests are nothing special either.

Bonus Reward for Stage 40: 4000 gil, Phoenix Down x10, Reverse Mote x3

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