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Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy Guide

First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 18-03-2018 / 11:59 GMT
Version: 1.00 (????) 25-09-2018 / 06:04 GMT

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Chapter 11.1 - Gran Pulse - Vallis Media

Chapter 11.1 - Gran Pulse - Vallis Media

Base Camp

Eidolon Battle: Alexander

Alexander is Hope Estheim's Eidolon, and he is fought by Hope, Lightning, and Fang in the Vallis Media, as a test to prove Hope's worthiness.

Alexander is slow, but hits hard. From the start of battle wait until Hope gives everyone Protect and Shell, while Fang defends, drawing Alexander’s attention. Once everyone is protected, switch to setup and let him have it. After he smacks you one, switch to and heal yourself, then return to and alternate as necessary. When the Gestalt gauge is full, press Square/X to be victorious.

You’ll obtain the Alexander Eidolith Key Item after the battle.

Hope’s ATB gauge will increase by one segment, bringing his total to 4 (or 5, if you already bought the ATB node in the Crystarium).