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Final Fantasy XV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 19-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 20-08-2018 / 12:53 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 23-10-2018 / 19:14 GMT

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Introduction to Sidequests

Not long into the game, you will come across people who need your help with something or trigger an extra quest that isn’t part of the main story. These are typically marked on your map as orange-ish colored question marks, although some will not appear as such. Doing this optional content, which usually consists of getting a specific item or killing some enemy, will reward you with experience, gil, and/or items/equipment. The majority of the NPCs who give you these quests will have more available after you complete the previous and unlike Hunts, you can have as many as you want in your quest log.