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The Mothercrystals Mysteries of the Realm

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Enormous glassy mountains, five of which tower over the lands of "Valisthea" iconValisthea. They are the source of all the crystals that the people of the Twins rely on in their everyday lives. Not only that, but the lands surrounding them are rich with aether, making the magicks the crystals cast even more potent. For these reasons, great nations have sprung up around each Mothercrystal and have long warred with each other for possession of their blessings.

Their Tax on the Land

Though the people of "Valisthea" iconValisthea rely on the crystal mined from these mountains in their everyday lives and flock to the aether-rich lands around them in pursuit of their Blessing, Cid posits that it is in fact the Mothercrystals and their ability to draw aether from the earth that is the reason for the deadlands’ advance. The few who learn the truth are hunted down by those in positions of power—those whose power rests on their control of this crucial resource.

Their True Purpose

Enormous glassy mountains that once towered over the lands of "Valisthea" iconValisthea, providing the crystal that the people of the Twins relied upon in their everyday lives, while at the same time leeching aether from the earth. Clive and Joshua learn that they were planted here by "Ultima" iconUltima for that very purpose, that the creature might accumulate enough aether to cast a supremely powerful spell—one that would remake the world.

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