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Fire Emblem: Awakening
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 06-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-07-2020 / 13:23 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 06-08-2020 / 16:39 GMT

This section lists the weapons, their stats, and any notes that are needed!

There are more stats than what we've shown, but Level and Might are most important.

Level : The weapon level required to equip this weapon.

Might : The higher this value, the more damage done.


**Weapon** **Level** **Might** **Effect**
Bronze Sword E 3 -
Iron Sword D 5 -
Steel Sword C 8 -
Silver Sword B 11 -
Brave Sword A 9 2 attacks in a row
Armorslayer D 8 Strong against Armor units
Wyrmslayer D 8 Strong against Dragon units
Killing Edge C 9 High Critical rate
Levin Sword C 10 1~2 Range; considered magic
Rapier E 5 Lords only; strong against Beast and Armor units
Noble Rapier C 8 Same as above
Missiletainn C 8 Owain only; Skill +1
Sol B 12 Recover HP = Half the damage to enemies
Amatsu A 12 1~2 Range; Myrmidon/Swordmaster only
Falchion E 5 Chrom/Marth only; strong against Dragon
**Weapon** **Level** **Might** **Effect**
Exalted Falchion E 15 Chrom/Marth only; strong against Dragon and Grima
Parallel Falchion E 12 Lucina/Marth only; strong against Dragon and Grima
Mercurius A 17 -
Tyrfing A 15 Resistance + 5
Balmung A 13 Speed +5
Sol Katti A 8 Myrmidon/Swordmaster only; Resistance +5
Ragnell A 15 1~2 Range; Defense +5
Tree Branch E 1 -
Blessed Sword D 8 Recover 10HP per turn
Glass Sword E 11 Low number of uses
Superior Edge B 11 Grants Swordbreaker skill
Eliwood's Blade C 10 -
Roy's Blade D 8 -
Alm's Blade B 15 -
**Weapon** **Level** **Might** **Effect**
Leif's Blade D 4 Grants Despoil skill
Eirika's Blade C 6 2 attacks in a row
Seliph's Blade B 12 Speed and Resistance +2


**Weapon** **Level** **Might** **Effect**
Bronze Lance E 3 -
Iron Lance D 6 -
Steel Lance C 9 -
Silver Lance B 13 -
Brave Lance A 10 2 attacks in a row
Javelin D 2 1~2 Range
Short Spear C 5 1~2 Range
Spear B 8 1~2 Range
Beast Killer D 9 Strong against Beast units
Blessed Lance C 11 Recover 10HP per turn; strong against Revenant
Killer Lance C 11 High Critical rate
Luna B 14 Grants Luna skill
Gradivus A 19 1~2 Range; can recover **all** HP
Gaebolg A 15 Defence +5
Gungnir A 16 Strength +5
**Weapon** **Level** **Might** **Effect**
Log E 1 -
Glass Lance E 13 Low number of uses
Miniature Lance E 1 1~2 Range
Shockstick C 11 Counts as magic
Superior Lance B 13 Grants Lancebreaker skill
Finn's Lance D 8 Defence and Luck +2
Ephraim's Lance C 11 Strength and Speed +2
Sigurd's Lance B 14 -


**Weapon** **Level** **Might** **Effect**
Bronze Axe E 4 -
Iron Axe D 7 -
Steel Axe C 11 -
Silver Axe B 15 -
Brave Axe A 12 2 attacks in a row
Hand Axe D 3 1~2 Range
Short Axe C 7 1~2 Range
Tomahawk B 10 1~2 Range
Hammer D 10 Strong against Armor units
Bolt Axe B 14 1~2 Range; counts as magic
Killer Axe C 12 High Critical rate
Hauteclere A 21 Can use to recover all HP
Helswath A 18 Defence +5
Ladle E 1 -
Glass Axe E 15 Low number of uses
**Weapon** **Level** **Might** **Effect**
Imposing Axe D 14 Low Hit rate
Volant Axe C 8 1~2 Range; strong against Flying units
Superior Axe B 15 Grants Axebreaker skill
Titania's Axe C 12 Grants Patience skill
Orsin's Hatchet C 4 1~2 Range
Hector's Axe D 15 Strength and Defence +2
Wolf Berg A 18 1~2 Range; Walhart only
Vengeance B 16 Grants Vengeance skill

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