Nintendo Direct - 2/13/2019

haeravonhaeravon Member, Subscriber

So, I'm not much of a Nintendo fan, but Fire Emblem: Three Houses might get me to buy a Switch. Really enjoyed working on Fates - Birthright for Gamer Guides and Three Houses is looking pretty sweet, too. Let me know if/when any of you see the Seasons of Warfare Edition go on sale.

Other than that, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening looks good (I love anything Zelda that resembles Link to the Past) and Astral Chain looks... interesting? Didn't get too much of a grasp on the game, save that the combat definitely looks like Platinum Games' work. If there's character creation/customization in it, I'm probably sold.

I am pretty salty about that Dragon Quest XI S, though. No good reason why the Switch gets orchestral versions of the music and every other version released in the west doesn't. That's a slap in the face from Square-Enix.


  • ClaireClaire Member, Administrator, Subscriber

    Question is: are you gonna play FFVII again on the Switch? :P

  • haeravonhaeravon Member, Subscriber

    @Claz Nah, I don't think that guide needs any updates. No trophies, either, so probably not. No real reason to get it on Switch aside from just playing the game again...

    Well, maybe.

  • ClaireClaire Member, Administrator, Subscriber

    @haeravon said:
    Well, maybe.

    Yeah, as I thought :wink:

  • ben_chardben_chard Member, Subscriber

    Liked the look of Fire Emblem although that school setting is a huge departure from the rest of the series. Thought Astral Chain looked fantastic and we don't get enough games in a cyberpunk setting.

  • MasterVGuidesMasterVGuides Member, Subscriber

    I watched a lot of Mario Maker on Twitch, so Mario Maker 2 is definitely interesting. I have heard rumors around the Link's Awakening remake, but it was still a surprise. Fire Emblem is a series I'm not too invested in, so I was indifferent to it. Seeing a release date for DQ Builders 2 has me excited, even if I'll be buying the PS4 version for multiplayer purposes.

    Overall, I thought it was one of the better Directs.

  • ClaireClaire Member, Administrator, Subscriber

    I like the support they're showing the console and getting a wider variety of games to Nintendo will help in the long run. Glad I bought a Switch now so I can finally get back to playing some of these franchises I've neglected.

  • haeravonhaeravon Member, Subscriber

    Looks like I'll be picking up a Switch sometime. If I do, it'll be the first Nintendo console I bought, not including handhelds like the 3DS and the NES/SNES Classic. I buy hardware when it has enough software I want, and I think this Direct was the tipping point... mostly because of Fire Emblem.

  • MasterVGuidesMasterVGuides Member, Subscriber

    Yeah, I'm the same way. I'll buy a console once it has enough software that interests me (typically 4-5 games that are already out). I think I only bit on the Switch at the time because of its scarcity, plus Mario Odyssey looked really, really good to me.

  • ClaireClaire Member, Administrator, Subscriber

    I still need to buy more games for the Switch that aren't Pokemon haha.

  • SophiaSophia Member, Administrator, Subscriber
    edited February 2019

    Switch is a really nice console. I love the portability and home console interchangeability. Really nice use of the power of modern technology miniaturisation. Great games too. It's a win win. I'd love to see a similar device from PlayStation. Vita was great, but if it had modern graphics and the flexibility of Switch it would be a really strong competitor.

  • MasterVGuidesMasterVGuides Member, Subscriber

    There are a few problems with the Switch, but it's overall a great system. The portability adds a ton, despite me not really needing it since I don't go anywhere. One of the bigger problems is the lack of power compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, which means some of the more demanding multiplats get toned down. Look at the recent video of Dead By Daylight on the Switch; it looks absolutely horrible compared to the other versions. Another problem has to do with Nintendo and their online, as they are still stuck in the past in terms of the internet.

  • Below Average GamerBelow Average Gamer Member, Administrator, Subscriber

    Look at the recent video of Dead By Daylight on the Switch; it looks absolutely horrible compared to the other versions.

    It did. But the game isn't scheduled to release until "Fall 2019." There's still plenty of time for optimization, and if they're smart, they'll use it. If Doom '16 got a passable Switch port, I don't see why that game can't get one as well.

    That being said, yes, the clip in the Direct looked terrible, and it probably would have been better to not show it at all. Just do a teaser with just the logo for now. Oh well.

  • ClaireClaire Member, Administrator, Subscriber

    Devs seem to be getting the hand of Switch ports which is nice to see. Tells me a lot about what it's like to develop for it and that will ultimately help its success.

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