Borderlands 3 is the next big Epic Games Store exclusive

SophiaSophia Member, Administrator, Subscriber
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So looks like Borderlands 3 is going to be a 6 month timed exclusive for the Epic Store eh? What does everyone think / feel about this?

Personally I don't really care which store I get my games from, but I hear a lot of gamers aren't happy... I think it made sense for Epic to do this to help popularise their store.

Is it anti-competitive? In my opinion no not really...Maybe a little, but I think it's a lot better than Steam dominating the whole PC game industry.

I'm excited to see some other companies getting involved. Does Epic have as many features as Steam? Nope but it's a new platform so I suspect it will be in time.



  • haeravonhaeravon Member, Subscriber

    Not a fan of EGS. I don't need another launcher, and don't care about the devs getting more money. They offer less to the consumer than Steam, and far less than GOG. More than happy to get this game on the PS4 instead.

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