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So is it me or does anyone else think that E3 has not been great so far?


  • I been hearing that it hasn't been a great one this year.

  • Below Average GamerBelow Average Gamer Member, Administrator, Subscriber

    I don't really know what constitutes a "good" versus a "bad" E3. I will say that I'm not a big fan of the live presentations with the Vice Presidents of This and Directors of That talking for ten minutes between games while drunks and/or shills in the audience go YEAH WOO. Nintendo's crisp, brief video was far more watchable.

    Being the weeb that I am, I thought Tokyo Ghostwire looked the most intriguing among the non-Nintendo AAA game presentations I saw, though of course that trailer gave no clues about what the actual gameplay will be like. And I unironically liked the first Watch Dogs, so the new Watch Dogs looked cool, though I know better than expect the gameplay to look like that.

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